Swine Flu cases on Toll - Rises 14 fold from Previous Year

Swine Flu cases on Toll - Rises 14 fold from Previous Year

In India, Swine Flu has gravely spread this year, with more than 10,000 cases of H1N1 infection been reported in less than a month.


As per the data to Union Health Ministry, there were 25,864 cases of H1N1 reported across the country till August 2017, a massive rise of over 14 times, in comparison to only 1,786 cases for the same period previous year. While in 2016, where 265 people died of swine flu, this year nearly 4 times more people died from this disease.


Most affected States by swine flu-


Maharashtra has reported the highest number of death cases of 4,456 cases and 467 deaths followed by Gujarat-4,431 cases and 329 deaths. Rajasthan has the third largest number of deaths at 80 and 847 cases registered. Rajasthan is closely followed by Kerala with 75 deaths and 1,384 cases. Other influential states include Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka and Delhi.


Data till August 2017:

Symptoms of Swine Flu-


Those who have symptoms like colds, fever, fatigue, sore throat, runny nose, body ache and watering eyes, should immediately start the course of Oseltamivir’s medicine on the advice of the doctor.

The treatment should be started without waiting for the results of the test without seeing the symptoms of swine flu. Medication is most effective within 48 hours of being established in symptoms.


Health Experts are also very worried because H1N1 flu usually increases during the winter but its growth is seen in August across the country this year. Doctors have suggested that people should take vaccination of trivalent influenza, which prevents influenza type A, B and H1N1.


Swine flu can be deadly. Hence, PSM-India requests people to get a physician’s advice immediately if they think they have swine flu symptoms and think they might have contracted the swine flu virus. We also urge the government to perform a house-to-house surveillance system in the state to curb the rising swine flu cases.


It is necessary to be more vigilant when it is clearly seen in such a shocking statistic. Not only this, delay in diagnosis and treatment can prove fatal