Simple ways to improve your posture

Simple ways to improve your posture

A little slouching could do so much damage--thanks to the several hours that one spends hunched over laptops, desktops and smartphones these days, cervical problems are at an all-time high. In fact, so widespread is the problem that chiropractor say incorrect postures are leading to severe health problems.


Poor posture can actually impact the amount of air one can take into the lungs when they breathe as lungs do not get sufficient air. The insufficiency of air leads to malfunctioning of lungs so does it affect the heart and brain, as well as other vital organs as they don’t get sufficient oxygen they need. This can cause poor cognitive function and shortness of breath leading to cardiovascular disease.


Several studies around the world have found that poor posture can affect digestive organs as it actually compresses the digestive organs and leaves them incapable of functioning proper. This not only slows down the metabolism and digestive process but can lead to life-altering metabolic ailments.


Here are some ways in which one can improve their posture:


  • While walking, make sure that your shoulder blades are pulled back as this ensure lesser pressure on your back and will further give you a confident look. 


  • Try out some effective exercise to improve your posture such as lying down on your back and moving your arms up and down slowly. Doing this effectively stretches your arms and torso, improving your flexibility.


  • While sitting behind a laptop or desktop, make it a habit to sit up straight and have proper resting area for your arms. Never sag or hunch your shoulders, and make sure that your hips are firmly placed on the chair.


  • While standing; many people generally make a common mistake either they tilt their pelvis in the front or back. Make a mindful effort to tuck in your stomach and stand without leaning in any particular direction.


  • Try out Yoga as it helps to strengthen and lengthen the spine, shoulder and back muscles.

Talk to your chiropractor if you are suffering from any such problems. They can recommend proper exercises and stretches to help you feel better and keep your body functioning as it should!