NIM, Patanjali Join Hands, To Look For Medicinal Plants

NIM, Patanjali Join Hands, To Look For Medicinal Plants

Uttarkashi, 22 Oct 2019:


After conducting several training camps and successful mountaineering expeditions, the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) has now set its eyes on finding rare medicinal plants and other flora and fauna in the Himalayan region.


For botanical expertise, the institute has joined hands with Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Sansthan.


Both institutions have decided to conduct a joint mountaineering expedition at Raktvan area of Gangotri Himalayan region next year.


It has long been held that the upper reaches of the Himalayas have rich species of rare medicinal plants, which can be used for the treatment of several fatal diseases.


Most of these plant species are yet to be explored, due to the harsh terrain and weather conditions. NIM officials said they have decided to use their expertise to scale these heights as part of their welfare initiative.


Principal of NIM Colonel Amit Bisht said, “NIM is now trying to use its mountaineering expertise for the welfare of humanity and conservation of Himalayan resources. For this, we are planning to join hands with various leading institutions, which are working in the fields of flora, wildlife, geology, minerals and others. We would like to provide technical assistance to scientists and researchers to conduct survey in high-altitude areas.” Bisht added that a meeting in this regard with Patanjali was fruitful. “We had a meeting with Balkrishna, co-founder of Patanjali Sansthan on October 19 and he agreed to collaborate with us.” The Times Of India