Maha FDA Seizes Illegal Medicine Stock From Jogeshwari Hospital

Maha FDA Seizes Illegal Medicine Stock From Jogeshwari Hospital

Mumbai, 10 Jan 2018: In a raid by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), illegal stock of medicines were seized from a medical centre in a private hospital – Mothercare Maternity and Surgical Hospital at Jogeshwari West. The FDA seized medicines worth over ₹ 4,11,000 from the hospital.


According to FDA officials, they got a tip-off on the illegal selling of medicines from the hospital premises.


FDA officials Aarti Kambli, Drugs Inspector and A. S. Godase, Drugs Inspector, inspected the medical centre and seized the illegal stock.


The action has been taken under the contravention of Sec. 18 (c) i.e stock and sale of drugs without a license. The hospital nurse was selling drugs across the counter to outside customers also.


Speaking about further action, Arjun Khadtare, FDA Joint Commissioner, Greater Mumbai, said, “We have received the information on confidential grounds. Two of our inspectors visited the spot to check the functioning of the medicine stores. 


They were operating without license on the premises. We will be doing surprise visits to other private hospitals and nursing homes as well.” Daily News & Analysis