Indian Pharma Market Registers 14.5% Growth In Nov 2019

Indian Pharma Market Registers 14.5% Growth In Nov 2019

Mumbai, 12 Dec 2019:


The Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) has registered a spectacular growth of 14.5 per cent for the month of November 2019. According to AIOCD AWACS report, the IPM has recorded sales of Rs.1,39,144 crore and a growth of 9.8 per cent for Moving Annual Total (MAT) basis during November 2019.


Among the top 50 corporates, 40 corporates have exhibited double digit growth, 18 more than 20 per cent growth. Among the top 50 corporates, 48 corporates gave exhibited positive growth for the month of November 2019.


Amongst the top 10 corporates, Macleods exhibits the highest growth of 19.09 per cent, followed Mankind at 17.91 per cent and Torrent at 17.8 per cent. While all the companies showing double digit growth. Amongst the 11-20 ranked corporates, Aristo exhibits highest growth of 31.63 per cent followed by Dr.Reddy’s at 28.04 per cent and Emcure at 23.6 per cent. While three companies in this range showing single digit growth.


Amongst the 21-30 ranked corporates, FDC exhibits highest growth 21 per cent followed by Himalaya at 18.5 per cent and MSD at 12.85 per cent. While two corporates reflecting negative growths. Amongst the 31-40 ranked corporates, Boehringer Ingelheim exhibits the highest growth 53.2 per cent, followed by Medley 26.66 per cent and JB Chemicals 26.64 per cent. 9 of the 10 corporates growing in double digit.


Amongst the 41-50 ranked corporates, Corona Remedies exhibits the highest growth 30.69 per cent, followed by Meyer 25.38 per cent and Fourrts at 24.11 per cent. Amongst the 51-60 ranked corporates Fresenius Kabi exhibits the highest growth 41.95 per cent followed by Danone at 35 per cent and Pharmed 28.13 per cent. 4 corporates growing in single digit, while one corporate reflecting negative growth.


Amongst the 61-70 ranked corporates, Koye Pharma exhibits the highest growth 34.14 per cent, followed by Serum Institute 23.87 per cent and Albert David. Amongst the 71-80 ranked Corporates Leeford HC exhibits the highest growth 25.89 per cent followed by KLM 22.55 per cent and Samarth at 21.35 per cent


Amongst the 81 -90 ranked corporates, Roche exhibits highest growth 24.6 per cent, followed by Med Manor at 18.57 per cent and Veritaz at 14.86 per cent. Amongst the 91 -100 ranked corporates Unison exhibits the highest growth (11.5 per cent), followed by Alniche Life Science at 25.58 per cent followed by Galpha at 22 per cent and Unison at 16.2 per cent


Amongst the 101 -150 few of the corporates exhibiting double digit growths are Indiabulls Pharma, Celon Labs, Linux Labs, Elan, Juggat, Entod, MSN, Icpa Health, Menarini India, Dabur, Deys Medicals, Seagull, Johnson & Johnson, Innovcare, Stadmed, Comed, Icon, Reckitt Benckiser, Vanguard, Indian Immunologicals, Finecure Pharma, Kepler HC, Nulife, Zandu, DWD, Yash Pharma, Group, Aglowmed & Jenburkt.


Among the top 10 companies, Sun Pharma, Abbott, Zydus, Lupin, Mankind, Alkem, Torrent and Intas registering double digit growth while Cipla, GSK are in single digit growth.


For the month of November, multinational companies exhibiting a growth of 10.4 per cent for the quarter, While the Indian companies exhibiting 10.5 per cent for the quarter.


Amongst the top MNC’s, Boehringer Ingelheim 52.3 per cent exhibits the highest growth followed by Fresenius Kabi (42 per cent), Roche (24.55 per cent), Pfizer (23.38 per cent), Janssen (23.36 per cent), Eli Lilly 21.18 per cent, Sanofi India (6.7 per cent).


FDC related market showed negative growth of -50.2 per cent, while the Approved FDC market showed a growth of 14.2 per cent while the single molecules growth are at 14.7 per cent for the month of Nov’19


The Non-FDC component growth drivers are Volumes at 5.2 per cent, prices at 6.3 per cent, while new introduction exhibits a high growth of 3.4 per cent.


The NLEM 2013 containing molecules market showed growth at 15.2 per cent, whereas the non NLEM market grew at 14.6 per cent resulting in an overall growth of 14.5 per cent for the month of Nov’19


Among the top brands, Mixtard has maintained the top position for the month of November 19. While Lantus has retained the position No.2, Glycomet-GP has slipped to number 3 position.


Janumet has moved up to fourth position by replacing Galvus Met as number 5th position. Duphaston gained second position and climbed to number 8th position.


Few major Brands who have dropped in ranks Phensedyl Cough Linctus (-3), Istamet (-6), PanD (-6), Volini (-3), Sinarest (-4), Shelcal (-2).


There were 236 (489 SKUs) brands launched in the month of November 19, which has added Rs.7.2 crore incremental sales in the market.


From therapy (Super Group) perspective on MAT basis, 8 of the 20 therapies are reflecting a growth in double digit. Highest among that being stomatologicals, 17.4 per cent followed by urology 15.25, anti-diabetic at 13.6 per cent, sex stimulants 12.7 per cent, blood related products 12.4 per cent, cardiology 12.2 per cent and hormones at 10 per cent


Vitamins & minerals 8.9 per cent, gynaecology 8.3 per cent, anti-neoplastic 9.6 per cent & derma 9.9 per cent are showing lower growths, while vaccines at 4.1 per cent and anti-malarials at 6.1 per cent are the growing slow.


From the regional perspective, 14 of the regions are above the IPM growth of 14.2 per cent and 16 regions below the IPM.


Twenty one regions reflecting double digit growth. Only North Karnataka at 30 per cent, Chhattisgarh at 27.1 per cent, Bihar at 26.6 per cent, Madhya Pradesh at 25 per cent, Uttarkhand, Uttar Pradesh at 20.8 per cent are the top five growth drivers.


Glimepiride+metformin market (Rs.2,409 crore), consolidated Rs.236 crore and reflecting a growth of 11 per cent on MAT and 9.9 per cent for the month. Amoxycillin+clavulanic acid market (Rs.2,245 crore) consolidated Rs.260 crore at a growth of 13 per cent for MAT and 25 per cent for the month.


Paracetamol market (Rs.1,160 crore) has consolidated Rs.188 crore and a growth of 19.4 per cent for MAT and 35 per cent for the month. Multivitamins and minerals (Rs.1,489 crore) consolidated Rs.129 crore with a growth of 9.5 per cent on MAT and 14.3 per cent on Month.


Pantoprazole (Rs.1,034 crore) added Rs.100 crore with a growth of 10.7 per cent on MAT and 20 per cent for the month of November 2019. Itraconazole (Rs.955 crore) consolidated Rs.110 crore with a growth of 13 per cent. Rosuvastatin (Rs.838 crore) added Rs.103 crore with a growth of 12.3 per cent on MAT and 14 per cent for the month.


Montelukast+levocetirizine (Rs.827 crore) added Rs.67 crore with a growth of 9 per cent. The luliconazole market is worth Rs.434 crore is exhibiting a growth of 15 per cent.


Voglibose+metformin+glimepiride (Rs.808 crore) added Rs.142 crore with a growth of 21.4 per cent. Telmisartan (Rs.778 crore) growing at 18 per cent, added Rs.116 crore.


Domperidone+pantoprazole, domperidone+esomeprazole and domperidone+omeprazole that are growing at 9.7 per cent, 21 per cent and 12.6 per cent respectively, rabeprazole at 6 per cent.


The gliptins are valued at Rs.3,510 crore, with a consolidation of Rs.395 crore, growing at 12.7 per cent on MAT. The growth has been the lowest in sitagliptin at 1 per cent, vildagliptin+metformin at 1.4 per cent and plain vildagliptin at 1.9 per cent. While degrowth seen in both saxagliptin and saxaglipint+metformin. Pharmabiz