Editor's Emulsion 1st Oct 2017

Editor's Emulsion 1st Oct 2017


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Until August 2017, there were 25,864 cases of H1N1 reported across the country, which means Swine Flu is in the air and can affect anyone of us. Most of the states are being swept by the deadly swine flu wave which has claimed several lives and left thousands ill. With the rising cases throughout the nation, it’s time to take it seriously and escalate our efforts to defeat this menace by getting a flu shot each year.


Infectious disease poses a great challenge to our country because of its vast and diverse terrain. Over the years, the mortality rate due to infectious disease has risen roughly from fifth to third place. Thus, in an effort to save thousands of infants dying from infections every year, Maharashtra public health department decides to train 7,000 community health workers, commonly known as Ashas (Accredited Social Health Activists) to administer oral antibiotics. On the other hand, a recent report by WHO claims that around 61% of deaths in India are now attributed to non-communicable diseases, including heart disorders, cancer and diabetes. Read more such articles from around the nation under National Injections.


Our country is ahead of United States and China in adopting digital modes to interact with patients and prescribe medicines and the burden of Alzheimer’s disease continue to rise with increasing elderly population. Healthcare experts are of the view that simultaneous consumption of multiple medicines can cause more harm than good to health. Check out our pharma Injection to read about these points in detail.


Scientists develop a prototype sensor that can rapidly determine whether an antibiotic has the potential to combat a given infection, thereby hastening effective medical treatment and limiting drug-resistant bacteria and Africa to get state-of-art HIV drugs for $75 per patient a year. Catch up with the ongoings in the healthcare sector from all around the world in our Global Injections.


Follow our Drug laws and policy Injections further in this issue to know why Centre asks states to plan strategies for tackling health challenges posed by climate change and extreme weather conditions in their respective regions and our interesting Drug Dopes section to check the articles on drugs price fixation and counterfeit drugs.


Lastly; enrich your information on Heart palpitations from FAQs while getting recharged with our light Laughter Dose. Please do mark your calendar for the upcoming important events.


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