Clinical Data Fudged, 2 Medical Colleges Lose Admission Rights

Clinical Data Fudged, 2 Medical Colleges Lose Admission Rights

HYDERABAD, 19 DEC 2017 : Two medical colleges in Telangana will not be able to admit students in the 2018-19 academic year as the Medical Council of India (MCI) has refused to renew their permission, while another institute's application to set up a medical college in the city was rejected.


The MCI has refused to renew permission of Maheswara Medical College at Patancheru for the 2018-19 academic year after its inspection committee found data of clinical material provided by the institute was inflated as compared with the registers. After its recent executive meeting, the MCI also recommended to the Centre not to grant permission for the 3rd batch (150 seats) of Mahavir Institute of Medical Sciences, Vikarabad, as well after it found several deficiencies. In the third case, the application of St Augustine Educational Society for setting up a new medical college at Patancehru has been rejected, citing various deficiencies.


According to Maheswara Medical College and Hospital in August 2017, it had treated 19,198 persons as out-patients at the rate of 768 per day and 999 as in-patients at the rate of 40 patients per day and performed 1,074 surgeries at the rate of 36 per day. It claimed it had 145 ICU patients in the month at the rate of five per day.


The MCI executive committee report on November 22, 2017, said, "As per the assessment report in September 2017, apart from inflation of clinical material, several deficiencies are found. CT Scan is not available. There is only one patient in ICU on the day of assessment. There was only one patient in ICCU on the day of assessment. Cold chain equipment is not available. Among specialists, only paediatrician was present."


Regarding Mahavir Medical college, MCI noted, "As per November assessment report, 7% of deficiency of faculty, 6.1% shortage of residents, out-patient attendance at 2 pm on the day of assessment is 686 against the requirement of 750. CT Scan is not available. Paediatric ICU & NICU have three beds each against the requirement of 5 beds each. Only one patient was in PICU on the day of assessment."


MCI recommended disapproving the application of TRR Institute of Medical Sciences by St Augustine Educational Society at Hyderabad for the second time. "Both college & hospital are non-functional. Dean & medical superintendent are yet to be appointed. Deficiency of faculty is 100% as detailed in the report. Shortage of Residents is 100%. No nursing, paramedical & non-teaching staff were shown."


"No clinical material is available as it is a non-functional hospital. There are no patients at the time of the visit. Central clinical lab is nonfunctional," it added.