Benefits of Vitamin C Rich Food

Benefits of Vitamin C Rich Food

We all are very much familiar that during monsoon season, infectious diseases become more prevalent because of the humid atmosphere. Humid atmosphere leads to several types of fungal infections of skin, legs, diarrhea, flu and so on. Roughly, there is a surge of around 15-20 percent of patients with such infections across the country.


Our immune system is intensely influenced by the intake of nutrients. Increasing intake of Vitamin C rich food will help in keeping these infectious diseases at bay, the doctor says as Vitamin C kills infected cells in the body. Our body needs antioxidant vitamins to boost the immune system regularly and Vitamin C is one of the best biggest immune system boosters that our body needs. Generally, Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits such as orange, kiwi, grapefruits, apple, acerola, strawberries and lemon.


A recent research by Indian Institute of Science of Bangalore also found that the molecular mechanism by which Vitamin C impedes and even kills Mycobacterium smegmatis, a non-pathogenic bacterium.


Our body does not produce Vitamin C and hence it is only obtained from external sources.

On a daily basis, it is advisable to consume 500mg of Vitamin C as it helps to improve body immunity by reducing the severity and duration of common cold, flu and infections as Vitamin C is water-soluble, it is excreted from the body. But do remember your intake of Vitamin C do exceed 1000 mg as excess of anything leads to multiple consequences.


Vitamin C has great benefits which promote immune system functioning and further restore a healthy immune system. Hence, it is wise to include Vitamin C rich food in your diet to protect yourself and your loved ones from the infections, especially during monsoons.