All you wanted to know on Universal Health Coverage

All you wanted to know on Universal Health Coverage

What does Universal Health Coverage entail for India?

"Universal coverage" refers to a scenario where everyone is covered for basic healthcare services. This is a scheme, under which all Indian citizens, regardless of their economic, social or cultural backgrounds will have the right to affordable, accountable and appropriate health services of assured quality defined in a published package of services and benefits. It is also a supplemental system of financing to protect people from increasing medical expenses.

Why is UHC being offered now?

It is important for all Indians to have access to quality health care regardless of your financial status such as where you live or how much income that you earn. It is also necessary for us to improve the quality of health care at our hospitals and other health care institutions.

Who will pay for it?

Access to health care will be paid for by the Government of India, with funds generated through taxes along with an increased spending on public health to pay for the health services given to citizens. The system will be ‘cashless’ where patients will not be charged any user fees for health care services provided.

What services will be available?

Every Indian citizen will be covered by a National Health Package that has a choice of facilities that are guaranteed by the government. The package will cover, free-of-charge, all Primary, Secondary and some Tertiary care services.


How can one avail of services?

The process of providing you with quality health care under this new system is an easy one. To access the health benefits offered you must first be registered with UHC. Every citizen will be issued an IT-enabled National Health Entitlement Card (NHEC) that will ensure cashless transactions of services. It will also be mobile across the country and contain the individual’s health information.