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Top Subscriber's Article Bejon Misra

(An Article Contributed by one of our PSM Newz Readers)
(This article is just to create awareness among citizens, without any intentions of hurting anyones religious sentiments)


Mumbai : It has been found that medicines sold in mobile vans around the city ,manufactured at Aasaram bapu’s ashram, have no mention of Manufacturing date and expiry date. These medicines are disposed by Aasaram Bapu’s desciples. According to the Drug and Cosmetic Act ,even Ayurvedic or Unani medicines need to display their manufacturing and expiry dates as well as the contents and the quantity. A particular eyedrop by the name of NETHRA BINDU was being sold without proper details printed on the bottle. Despite a leading TV channel, TV9 , covering this case last year ,on Mr. Barai’s request, these medicines were still available freely . There has also been a case registered in Godhra , where a man has lost his eyesight after using these eyedrops. The Maharastra FDA very promptly intervened and this particular eyedrop has been lifted from the market. However, there are still other medicines being disposed from these mobile vans without proper details on them.

Mr. Deepak Barai,
Dombivali(E), 421201
Dist. Thane


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Chennai / Vellore : Other than our medicines , we must be well informed about the authenticity of the clinics and doctors we patronize.. Last week , as many as 49 quacks were arrested from Kanchipuram, Thiruva-llur, Villupuram, Cuddal-lore, Vellore and Thiruva-nnamalai.

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BAR CODING: SSIs plea to Govt. not to monopolise GS1

MUMBAI : Bar coding as a track and trace system to identify the source and manufacturer of medicines has been made mandatory by the Government of India and is to be implemented in a phased manner, according to a notification by the Union Commerce Ministry.

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JAIPUR DECLARATION : Irrational drug use, cause for concern

NEW DELHI: Health Ministers from eleven South-East Asian countries met at Jaipur recently to deliberate on health concerns pertaining to the World Health Organisation’s South-East Asian region.

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LONDON: A recent case of counterfeit medicine suggests that a brand name on the package is no guarantee of the quality of the product.

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SMS Technology To Check Fake Medicines

Ahmedabad : H.G. Koshia, Chairman of the Task Force for Tracking and Tracing of Spurious Medicines (TF-TTSM), said in an interview to the Economic Times...

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Drugs Controller of India to control PARACETAMOL content in combo drugs

NEW DELHI: Paracetamol, a drug with analgesic and anti-pyretic (fever reducing) properties, is marketed either separately or in combination with other drugs like Nimesulide, Nabumetone, Lornoxicam and Ibuprofen.

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An analysis of twenty-four brands of toothpaste in 2011 by the Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (DIPSAR) found nicotine content in the case of seven brands, namely, Colgate Herbal, Himalaya, Neem Paste, Neem Tulsi, RA Theromseal, Sensoform and Stoline.

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