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The Partnership for Safe Medicines India is a group of organizations and individuals that have policies, procedures, or programs to protect consumers from spurious or contraband medicines. For more information, please visit www.safemedicinesindia.in
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Bejan Misra"Only switch medications under the supervision of a doctor or pharmacist” --Mr. Bejon Misra (Founder, PSM India)
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Q: Are there ways I can tell if a medicine is fake?
A: While some fake drugs are nearly indistinguishable to the legitimate product, many fake drugs leave visual clues or have physical traits that can help you judge whether or not the medicines are real. When you start taking a medicine, create a "baseline" of the drug's characteristics, including its appearance, taste, texture, reactions and packaging. Compare the medicine you receive with what it is supposed to look, taste and feel like. When comparing packaging, look for differences in paper, printing, color, and fonts (i.e., is it the same size, raised print, embossed, etc.).

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medicine saftey rules
This section will help you judge whether your medications are safe and will provide tips on what to do if you think a drug has been compromised.

SAMPLE: Request a sample from your physician when you are first prescribed a medication to help you establish a “baseline” of a product’s characteristics, including its appearance, taste, texture, reactions and packaging.

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National News
81-year-old doctor let off after over 28 yrs of trial

An 81-year-old doctor, caught manufacturing and selling spurious drugs and cosmetics over 28 years ago and sentenced to three years in jail for his crime, has been let off on probation by a Delhi court.

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Spurious drugs claim four, seven taken ill
CUTTACK: At least four persons died and seven others were taken seriously ill allegedly due to overdose of medicinal formulations with high alcohol content at several villages under Cuttack Sadar police limits late on Monday.
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Global News
Concern over fake cancer drugs in US
MEDICAL experts are citing the need for tighter security to protect medications in the supply chain after the US Food and Drug Administration reported a counterfeit version of Avastin, a treatment for colon cancer.
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Pharma News
Dr G N Singh appointed as new DCGI

MUMBAI: Dr G N Singh was today appointed and given additional charges of the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). Apart from handling the responsibilities as the DCGI of the country, he will also handle responsibilities of his previous office as the secretary-cum-scientific director of the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC).

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FDA suspends Jaslok’s blood bank licence for 15 days
MUMBAI: The food and drug administration (FDA) has suspended the licence of Jaslok Hospital’s blood bank for 15 days for transfusing blood of an incompatible group into a patient last year.
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