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Pooja Khaitan

Though there is great achievement and rapid progress in the pharmaceutical business in India, issues that are causing utter concern at the moment are fake online pharmacies, presence of not of standard quality medicines in the market, lack of proper access to quality healthcare in rural India, low availability of generic medicines and simultaneously doctors not abiding by the law of prescribing medicines by their generic names in prescriptions. Fake medicines can be sub potent, super potent, expired, or adulterated which can be easily bought without a doctor’s prescription with often unrealistically deep discounts. People should be aware of such illegal traders and their vested interest of making profit by damaging innocent patients’ health.

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Pooja Khaitan
Chief Editor , The PRESCRIPTION Partnership for Safe Medicines India.


“Though our pharmacy practice is still not as well developed as other countries and a pharmacist still looked upon as a salesman rather than a health care professional, it is important to note that many of our pharmacists do a commendable job of ensuring best patient care services, right from dispensing medicines to counselling the patient’s in critical care issue”.

Ms. Manjiri Gharat,
Vice President and Chairperson
Indian Pharmaceutical Association- Community Pharmacy Division (IPA, CPD)

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PSM INDIA and IIT BHU sign MoU to achieve goal of Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) India signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for establishing a centre of excellence on 'Patient Safety and Accessibility to Quality Healthcare' with the Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (BHU) to achieve the goal of universal health coverage (UHC) through efficient use of resources and technology The MoU was signed by chairman of PSM India Initiative and also former Union chief information commissioner Wajahat Habibullah and dean (Research and Development), IIT-BHU, Prof P K Jain during a three-day national consultation on 'Improving Access to Quality Healthcare' through "UHC: Varanasi Initiative" at a hotel in cantonment area on Monday, 10th August,2015.
The goal of full health care coverage is based on profiling the health of at least 100,000 poor and senior citizens of Varanasi in the next one year.
Click here to read MoU

National Injections
Health groups across the world ask Government to pay urgent attention to infection control in Sewri Hospital in Mumbai Mumbai, August 2015: A large number of health organisations, TB groups, public health experts, physicians, nurses, human rights lawyers, trade unions, health activists and associations of healthcare workers have urged the government to pay urgent attention to infection control and prevention of TB transmission in Sewri TB Hospital Mumbai, the largest chest and TB hospital in Asia. The health groups' demand comes after the recent death of a TB-treating physician due to drug-resistant (DR-TB), which they cite as a tragic example of healthcare workers in Sewri Hospital losing their lives due to inadequate infection control measures. Over the years, several workers of Sewri Hospital have occupationally acquired DR- TB, and have developed active disease and become critically ill. The success of a TB Control Programme is dependent on healthy, motivated and experienced healthcare workers. Transmission of TB to healthcare workers results in a loss of skilled health care workers, they said Read More
Health department raids diagnostic centre for duping patients Jaipur, Aug 2015: The Health Department officials raided a diagnostic centre at Bani Park area on Saturday, which was allegedly conducting diagnostic tests for allergies. But, during inspection, the health department officials claimed that they were not conducting the diagnostic test to ascertain allergies.Read More
Dengue is preventable and manageable Aug, 2015: Dengue has once again made its appearance across India causing extreme chaos and panic. However most dengue cases are preventable and it is extremely essential to educate the masses about its treatment, prevention and myths. Read More
Wholesale pharmaceutical product dealers violate drug lawsHyderabad, Aug 2015:In a significant move, the Telangana Drug Control Administration (DCA) conducted checks on the premises of various wholesale dealers of pharmaceutical products for three days from August 20. The checks were conducted by a team consisting of an Assistant Director and three Drug Inspectors at 47 agencies and dealers across Telangana. The team found violations and shortcomings in the functioning of some of the agencies during the checks. Read More
Drug Laws & Policy Injections
Strengthening of drug regulatory system in the country Aug 2015: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has approved the proposal for strengthening the Drug Regulatory System both at the Central and the State levels at a total cost of Rs.1750 crore. The strengthening / up-gradation of the system will be spread over a period of three years. Out of the total amount of Rs 1750 crore, an amount of Rs.900 crore will be spent on strengthening central structures and Rs.850 crore will be made available to the State Governments, after signing a Memorandum of Understanding. . Read More
CDSCO to develop mobile drug testing labs for detecting NSQ drugs across India In a major move aimed at modernising and adopting more advanced techniques to detect not of standard quality (NSQ) drugs across the country, the Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) is contemplating to develop mobile drug testing labs, in lines with that of Gujarat Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA). To understand this project, a team of experts from the Regional Drugs Testing Laboratory (RDTL), headed by its director Dr R A Singh along with Deputy Drugs Controller -Arvind Kukrety recently visited the Gujarat FDCA’s office. Read More
Pharma Injections
Vaccine for MERS coronavirus 'looks promising' Aug, 2015 : A prototype vaccine against the lung infection MERS coronavirus has shown promising results, scientists say.
The study, published in the Journal Science Translational Medicine, suggests the vaccine guards against the disease in monkeys and camels. Researchers hope with more work it could be turned into a jab for humans.
Read More
Drug to counter nuclear radiation effects Aug, 2015 :An injection given a day after exposure to nuclear radiation may increase survival chances of victims, says a study Read More
Low cost 'drinkable book' for cleaning contaminated water August 2015 : Scientists have developed an inexpensive 'drinkable book' with bacteria-killing metal nanoparticles to clean contaminated water, with its pull-out pages able to filter drinking supply for four years. Read More
Global Injections
UK man jailed for selling unlicensed pharmaceuticals Aug 2015: A man from Essex in the UK who sold erectile dysfunction drugs imported from India has been jailed for 16 months. Sundeep Amin (57) of Romford pleaded guilty to 21 counts of importing, possessing and supplying unlicensed medicines over "several years", operating out of rented facilities across Essex. Read More
FDA approves 'female Viagra' pill Flibanserin after two rejections Aug 2015:Drug to help women boost sex drive overcomes concerns over effectiveness and side effects, but some experts fear precedent campaigning could set. The FDA has finally approved the little pink pill to help women boost their sex drive. Read More

FDA Update: New guidance released on mobile medical devices, medical devices data systemsAugust, 2015: Mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets, have had a major impact on the practice of medicine, how patients interact with their doctors, receive or implement treatments, as well as how software developers view the medical industry as a potential source of revenue. In response to this, the FDA released an industry Guidance late last year that took some very specific steps:Read More

Drug Dopes
Nano medicine breakthrough a giant leap for India CHANDIGARH: National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Mohali has put India in the select club of countries that manufacture raw material for generating nano-crystal based medicines Read More
Government, Apollo Hospitals partner for telemedicine services New Delhi, Aug, 2015: The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will launch telemedicine services in collaboration with the Apollo Hospitals on August 25, under which people can consult doctors through video link and also order generic drugs online. Read More
News on Spurious drugs across India • Samples of Cephalexin Capsule IP, tested by the Drug Control laboratory of Food and Drug Administration, have been found to be of sub-standard quality. The sample does not conform the claim with respect to assay & dissolution. A stop sale, manufacture notice has been issued against Orison Pharmacetuicals , Mumbai
• Samples of the drug Cefiquik DS, tested by the Drug Control Laboratory of Food and Drug Administration, have been found to be of sub-standard quality. The content of cefixime in the sample is less than the permissible limit (60.48% of the labelled amount). Action will be taken against the manufacturer Saitech Medicare under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.
Upcoming Events
UpComing Events
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Interchange 2014: Mr. Bejon Misra, Partnership for Safe Medicines India

The head of Partnership for Safe Medicines India shared with the conference what PSM India has done, and what its goals are.
Mr. Bejon Misra, Head of PSM India, took a few minutes to tell conference-goers about his organization. He pointed out that he was “here on behalf of 1.2 billion consumers, and more than 10,000 pharmaceutical manufacturers.” The goal of PSM India is to protect consumers from “spurious medicine.”

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Frequently Asked Questions Q1. What is meant by Acupuncture?
Answer: Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine. It is commonly used for pain relief in musculoskeletal problems, including low back pain, shoulder stiffness, and knee pain. It is generally done by inserting thin needles into the body at acupuncture points or can be associated with the application of heat, pressure, or laser light to these same points.

Q2. What hydrotherapy means?
Answer: Hydrotherapy is a part of alternative medicine, in particular of naturopathy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, that involves the use of water for pain relief and treatment. People use hydrotherapy to treat many illnesses and conditions, including acne; arthritis; colds; depression; headaches; stomach problems; joint, muscle, and nerve problems; sleep disorders; and stress. People also use it for relaxation and to maintain health.
Various therapies used in the present-day hydrotherapy employ water jets, underwater massage and mineral baths, cold plunge, essential oil bath etc.
The mechanism that works for hydrotherapy is to produce vasodilation and vasoconstriction. These cause changes in blood flow and associated metabolic functions, via physiological mechanisms, including those of thermoregulation. Hydrotherapy is generally safe if treatment is done properly. Different people may respond differently to the length and intensity of treatment. Some people may have headaches, aches and pains, sleep problems, nausea, chilliness, and faintness.
It is important to discuss your physical condition and medical history with your doctor or physical therapist before trying hydrotherapy.

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Mr. Vinay Sadhoo, Pharma Executive blogs: Counterfeiting is a global crime. Although, there is long way to conquer it, PSM-India’s efforts are worthy of appreciation!
Mrs. Shanthi Lakshmi , Health-Care Professional tweets: Cheers PSM India for providing varied forms of medical information that we need to know to make better health-care decisions on a daily basis.
Mr. Rohit Jain comments: Praise for making the newsletter, The Prescription so interesting and informative! I am glad to be one of its subscribers!
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