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Pooja Khaitan

Greetings to all my readers. Welcome to the latest issue of The PRESCRIPTION!
With lots of aspirations and dreams that India shall be able to revive its healthcare system and provide universal access to safe medicines to every Indian soon; on behalf of PSM India, I urge our readers to provide their valuable comments/ suggestions regarding the issue and help guide us, so that we may work more in unison for the betterment of safeguarding health of our dear consumers.

If you have any suggestions, comments or queries, please email me at
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Happy Reading !
Stay Safe. Stay Healthy !

Pooja Khaitan
Chief Editor , The PRESCRIPTION Partnership for Safe Medicines India.


“Both pharmaceuticals and biotechnology are critical sectors. Medicines are manufactured in India and marketed not just here but globally at the right price points. Indian generics have made it big. Therefore India going by its competence in manpower can be a facilitator and catalyst to become a global manufacturing hub”.

Shri. Amitabh Kant
Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP),
Ministry of Commerce & Industry, India

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Relying on DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS? Think Twice!

Couple of months back, there was huge distress all across India and the world over against one of the most popular 2-minute instant noodles and a simultaneous ban on the product imposed by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. They stated that the noodle samples tested positive for excessive lead content.

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In India, nimesulide tablets, commonly known as NISE, are still being routinely prescribed for inflammation, pain and fever because they have a longer-lasting effect even though they have been banned. Unlike paracetamol, which usually acts for 4-6 hours, nimesulide brings down pain and fever for 12-18 hours. However, the side effects include liver damage.

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National Injections
World Alzheimer's Day 2015: 4.1 million people in India living with dementia, says report September 2015: The numbers are projected to nearly double every 20 years globally.
Almost 47 million people are living with dementia around the world with 4.1 million of them in India, according to a new report which also found that nearly half of all people with dementia globally will live in Asia by 2050.
Read More
Fake drug export racket busted; kingpin held New Delhi, 21 Sept 2015: The alleged kingpin of a gang that used to supply fake medicines abroad has been arrested here with police recovering fake drugs worth Rs. 50-60 lakh from the accused.Read More
10 drugs houses raided in AgraAgra, 23 Sept 2015: The Drug Administration of Agra, a wing of the Uttar Pradesh Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA), has over the past eight days conducted raids on about 10 drugs and chemist houses. Read More
Acute Respiratory Infection cases on rise in India, says Health Ministry reportNew Delhi, September 2015: Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) cases have shown an "increasing" trend in the country, even as researchers have "unearthed" wide array of health effects associated with air pollution exposure over the last 30 years. As per the 'National Health Profile 2015' published by Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI) , nearly 3,000 people have died due to ARI in 2014. Read More
Community health centres in dire need of specialistsMumbai, Sep 21, 2015: India's public-health system needs urgent attention, investment -especially in the rural areas - and attention, reveals an analysis centre. There is an 83 percent shortage of specialist medical professionals in community health centres (CHCs), according to the Rural Health Statistics-2015, released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Read More
Medicines meant for government hospitals end up in private hands; TSDCA cracks whip on violators Hyderabad, 18th Sep, 2015: Cracking a whip on the violators of Drugs and Cosmetic Act and Pharmacy Act in the State, the Telangana State Drug Control Administration (TSDCA) has recovered drugs meant to be supplied to government hospitals and physician samples stored illegally at pharmacy stores. Read More
Chemists & druggists on warpath against e-pharmacy; nationwide bandh on Oct 14Mumbai, Sep 23, 2015: Lakhs of chemists and druggists across the country are literally on warpath against the Central government's recent move to amend Drugs and Cosmetics Act (D&C Act), together with IT Act, 2000 to formulate guidelines to regulate the sale of medicine through internet (e-pharmacy). Read More
Drug Laws & Policy Injections
DTAB sub-committee finds several nutraceuticals in market as drugsMumbai, 19 Sept 2015: Several controversial nutraceutical products, now being marketed as food supplements by some of the prominent pharma companies, will have to be withdrawn from the market and should be sold as drugs as the DTAB sub-committee, which analysed these products, has recommended that these products shall be classified as drugs. Read More
Health ministry releases National Health Profile 2015 Mumbai, Sep 23, 2015: The Union minister for Health and Family Welfare, Shri. J P Nadda has released the National Health Profile (NHP)-2015 which will help the government to navigate, to decide goals and chart the government policies on health. The data was prepared by the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI). Read More
Health ministry to amend Rule 122 P of D&C Rules for easy availability of blood Mumbai, Sept 19, 2015: The Union health ministry will soon amend Rule 122 P of Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 for easing out the availability of blood in the country and also to help in making blood available to the needy patients. According to sources, the Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) of the health ministry in its recent meeting has given its green signal to make the amendments in the D&C Rules in this regard. Read More
Pharma Injections
Elderly should Beware of Commonly Prescribed Group of Drugs Sep 19, 2015: Anticholinergics, a commonly prescribed group of drugs, may cause elderly people to "slow down" in their daily physical activities. Read More
Sunlight can act as an effective medicine in reducing weight 2015: A study from the Northwestern University reports that the timing, intensity and duration of light exposure during the day are linked to body weight. Read More
Natural defence against HIV found September, 2015: Researchers have discovered a protein that may slow the spread of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), thereby revealing a target for developing natural therapies against the deadly virus. Read More
Global Injections
EMD Serono launches counterfeit-fighting app EMD Serono, the US pharma division of German firm Merck KGaA, has launched a new smartphone app for patients and serialised its brands in the US to help counter fakes. Read More
FDA strengthens fracture warnings for Canagliflozin Sept, 2015: The US medicines safety watchdog has strengthened its warnings about the risk of bone fractures for type 2 diabetes patients who take canagliflozin. Read More
Drug Dopes
Sceintists develop herbal antidote for diabetes THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, 17 SEPT 2015: A poly herbal formulation having multiple therapeutic properties including prevention and treatment of diabetes, liver ailments and an immune enhancer developed by Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanical Garden Research Institute (JNTBGRI) here, with the help of a traditional healer awaits the Indian patent protection. After successful pre-clinical studies, a monograph on that was launched by chief minister Oommen Chandy the other day. Read More
India to supply generic cancer drug to US WASHINGTON, 24 SEPT 2015: India has agreed to supply to the United States generic cancer drugs at a time there is outrage in America about the predatory practices by the US pharma industry, one of whose leaders is getting hammered for increasing the price of life-saving drugs by as much as 5000 per cent overnight. Read More
FDA approves new advanced colorectal cancer pill SEPTEMBER 22, 2015: US patients with advanced colorectal cancer have gained a new treatment option with the approval of Taiho Onology’s dual therapy Lonsurf (formerly TAS-102). Read More
Upcoming Events
UpComing Events
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Public Service Announcements from the Partnership for Safe Medicines

In 2015, the Partnership for Safe Medicines has launched a public service announcement campaign to help both doctors and patients become aware of the dangers posed by counterfeit drugs. Each spot is presented by a member of the PSM Board and addresses different aspects of the counterfeit drug problem in the United States.
To know more about it follow at:-

Frequently Asked Questions Q1. What are effervescent tablets?
Answer: Effervescent tablet is a tablet intended to be dissolved or dispersed in water before administration. Effervescence is the escape of gas from an aqueous solution and the foaming or fizzing that results from a release of the gas. They are uncoated tablets that generally contain acid substances and carbonates or bicarbonates and which react rapidly in the presence of water by releasing carbon dioxide. Effervescent tablets have major advantage that the drug product is already in solution at the time it is consumed. Thus, the absorption is faster and more complete than with conventional tablet. This is particularly helpful in treating acute symptoms of pain and gastrointestinal disorder. Effervescent drugs are delivered to the stomach at a pH that is just right for absorption. Moreover, it can be administered to patients who cannot swallow and have less intestinal tolerance. Such tablets are palatable, highly stable, easily transportable and can help in incorporation of large doses for faster therapeutic action. Examples of such medications are fast acting painkillers, cold-relief medicines, multi-vitamins, dental drugs, nausea drugs and antacids.
ENO is the most globally consumed gastrointestinal product. The fast-acting effervescent fruit salts, used as an antacid and reliever of bloated-ness, was invented in the 1850s by James Crossley Eno. Eno (Tagline -"Gets to work in 6 seconds" ) is actually a formula of Sodium bicarbonate, Citric acid and Anhydrous sodium carbonate. In India, Eno is marketed as Ayurvedic proprietary medicine and comes in many types of refreshing flavours.

Q2. What are emulsions?
Answer: An emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally immiscible (unmixable or unblendable). Emulsions are part of a more general class of two-phase systems of matter called colloids. Emulsions should be used when both phases, dispersed and continuous, are liquids. In an emulsion, one liquid (the dispersed phase) is dispersed in the other (the continuous phase). Two liquids can form different types of emulsions. As an example, oil and water can form, first, an oil-in-water emulsion, wherein the oil is the dispersed phase, and water is the dispersion medium. Second, they can form a water-in-oil emulsion, wherein water is the dispersed phase and oil is the external phase. Read More>>>

Laughter Dose
Blog Addicts
Ms. Garima Kundra, Pharma Profesional blogs: World of counterfeit drugs is in a devastating state. At this moment we should rise with the efforts of PSM India to stop proliferation of fake medicines in India!
Mrs. Bharti Shukla , Healthcare Educationist tweets: Consumer awareness can really put a huge impact on the illicit business of fake medicines. Kudos to PSM-India for their approach and determinations!
Dr. Deepak Saxena , Physician comments: Ardent follower of PSM India for their highly informative newsletter edition ! Keep up the good work!
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