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Pooja Khaitan

Would like to convey my heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their near and dear ones in the earthquake disaster in Nepal and parts of India. Hope the world sees no more of these perils again!
Indians have always remained prone to vector borne diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, cholera due to climatic conditions, lack of sanitation, , hygiene , portable drinking water in several rural and urban areas of our country. Unfortunately, every year such diseases claim lots of lives especially during the summer due to lack of proper measures. We should fight against them and take as much precautionary measures that can be followed to stop spread of such communicable diseases. More news on World malaria day under PSM India capsules.
India is also struggling with another potentially fatal contagious disease - Tuberculosis (TB). PSM INDIA applauds the Government of India for its efforts and vision in launching of toll free number for tuberculosis to reach out to all suspected TB patients and provide them proper counselling and treatment. Know more on it and other drug alerts, like survey of spurious drug, action against Ghazipur dairies for misusing oxytocin, launch of generic stores in Maharashtra under our National Injections section.
Catch on proclamations of on-line system like Pharma Jan Samadhan under Drug Laws and policy injections. Read Global Injections for knowing what’s going on worldwide against fake drugs, online pharmacies, homeopathy medicines etc. Catch on some interesting drug related information on aspirin and turmeric under Pharma Injections section. Explore the meaning of shelf-life of medicines and gather information on various types of pharmaceutical excipients from FAQs .Get facts on freshly approved drugs, launch of mobile app for ASHA workers from Drug Dopes section. Pleasure in with the laughter dose. Don’t forget to glance at the upcoming events across India and the world over and specially mark your calendar for PSM India’s event on 20th May 2015 at Srinagar.

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Pooja Khaitan
Chief Editor , The PRESCRIPTION Partnership for Safe Medicines India.


“A national survey needs to be mandated once in two years if not annually to keep poor quality drugs at bay. Further, it would also keep the pharma industry on guard to ensure putting in place quality tests and processes to prevent circulation of NSQs. The intent is to ensure zero defect in final drug samples”

Dr. BR Jagashetty
National Advisor (Drugs control) & project in-charge for CDSCO schemes

PSM India Capsules
PSM INDIA's National Conference in collaboration with Govt. of India

PSM India is organizing a major event in Srinagar on 20th May 2015. The "National Conference on Patient Safety & Drug Regulatory Scenario in India" organised by Partnership for Safe Medicines India Initiative in collaboration with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of Pharmaceuticals and Ministry of Commerce, Government of India shall be attended by 200+participants from Jammu and Kashmir, Govt. officials and industry/trade associations.

Concept note and draft agenda on the event shall be shared on our website shortly.

PHARMACOVIGILANCE PROGRAM IN INDIA supported by PSM India founder Mr. Bejon Misra

Shri. Bejon misra, Founder of PSM-India at NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PHARMACOECONOMICS & PHARMACOVIGILANCE- ISPOR, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy.
Join the Pharmocovigilance Movement in India by reporting Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) on Toll Free Phone Number 1800-180-3042 and also request your Doctor and the Hospital to report in case of ADR incidents with you or your family or friends to catch the culprits if the medicines are found spurious or Not-of-Standard Quality (NSQ). Patients have the right to safety and accessibility to Quality Medicines !!!

Pledge to be more cautious and prevent spread of Malaria on the eve of World Malaria Day!

World Malaria Day (WMD) is commemorated every year on 25 April and recognizes global efforts to control malaria. Globally, 3.3 billion people in 106 countries are at risk of malaria. Malaria is one of the most widespread parasitic disease in the world. In India it is mainly caused by Plasmodium. vivax and Plasmodium. falciparum. It occurs mainly in the monsoon and post-monsoon periods. Fever is the principal symptom, periodic or continuous with or without chills and rigors. On the occasion or World Malaria day, Indian Medical association has come out with guidelines for public and physicians.

Read More
National Injections
Govt launches survey to track sale, source of spurious medicines New Delhi, April 2015: The Health Ministry is conducting a pan India survey to check quality of medicines being sold in the market as it prepares to crackdown on sale of spurious drugs. As part of the survey, Central Drug Inspectors will collect over 47000 samples of medicines from at least 15 different categories including antibiotics, cardiovascular drugs, anti-diabetics, antihistaminic and steroids etc, an official said. Read More
Maharashtra government to open 300 generic stores across state soon Mumbai, April, 2015: In an initiative to make generic drugs available at affordable price, the state Food and Drug Administration Minister Girish Bapat has announced setting up of 300 generic medicine stores across Maharashtra with the help of the Central government. This is in line with Department of Pharmaceutical's (DoP) plan to make 504 generic drugs, including 105 available now under the Jan Aushadhi scheme. These drugs would also include antibiotics, anti-cardiac, anti-diabetic, anti-infective and gastro-intestinal drugs in six therapeutic segments.Read More
Health Ministry conducts raids on Ghazipur dairies misusing oxytocin to extract milkNew Delhi, 17 April 2015: Reports had appeared from time to time that oxytocin injections are being illicitly used by the dairy owners to extract milk from milch animals leading to its harmful effects on humans as well as livestock. Information was received on 13 April 2015 that the drug is being stocked and supplied illegally at Ghazipur Dairy in Delhi by certain unscrupulous persons. Surveillance was conducted by the officers of North zone of CDSCO on 14 April 2015 to collect information about the movement of the drugs and hideouts of the persons involved in the activity. After getting confirmed leads, raids were conducted on 15 April 2015 at the hideouts to catch the culprits red-handed by the five officers of North Zone of CDSCO along with four Drug Inspectors of Government of NCT, Delhi with the assistance of Police authorities of the area at two sites. Read More
Taking proper precautions can prevent summer health risks20 April, 2015 : After the cold winters, the warmth of summer is always welcome. But, like the winters, the summer season too brings its own set of health problems. Some of the common health problems in summer include heat exhaustion, heatstroke, dehydration, food poisoning. But, these problems are preventable if proper precautions are taken. Heat exhaustion is a milder form of heat-related illness in which the body temperature is between 37°C and 40°C. The symptoms include dizziness, thirst, weakness, headache and malaise. Treatment is by prompt cooling and hydration with water or rehydration drinks. Read More
Toll free number for TB patients soon, Health Ministry launches ‘Call to Action for TB Free India’ 24th April, 2015: The Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare Shri J. P. Nadda announced that a toll-free number will be launched soon to reach out to all suspected TB patients for counselling and treatment. Sh. Nadda made this announcement after launching ‘Call to Action for TB Free India’ on 24th April, 2015. “In addition to this number, we will use mobile and other telecommunication tools in an innovative manner in this programme,” added Sh. Nadda. Read More
Drug Laws & Policy Injections
Pharma Jan Samadhan, an on-line system launched to take action related to non-availability and overcharging of medicines New Delhi, April 22, 2015: All essential medicines specified in the National List of Essential Medicines, 2011 (NLEM) are included in the First Schedule of DPCO, 2013 and are under price control. However, Lifesaving drugs are not defined in the Drugs (Price Control) Order, 2013. Based on the available pharmaceutical database in terms of moving annual turnover (MAT) of scheduled and non-scheduled drugs, both with respect to volume and value, there is no general evidence to believe that essential/scheduled drugs or non-scheduled drugs are being sold at high price due to shortage/insufficient supply of the drugs in the country. Read More
Telegana government issues red alert on reports of bird flu cases in some districts Hyderabad, April 18, 2015: After swine flu virus (H1N1) claiming almost 100 deaths and infecting more than 2000 people in Telangana, it is now the turn of bird flu that is scaring the people in the city. With the recent reports of bird flu virus (H5N1) tested positive on chickens in Hayatnagar on the outskirts of Hyderabad, the common public are even more scared and fearing to roam outside. Having learned about the outbreak of bird flu the Telangana state government had ordered a red alert and the healthcare department along with animal husbandry department is taking all the necessary steps to check no further spread of the bird flu to the other parts of the state. Read More
Pharma Injections
Food and Drugs Administration seizes insulin vials from sports shop The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on Monday raided a sports goods shop in Borivli and seized several several insulin injections. The unusual sale point is part of a thriving racket in the city, said the officials. Read More
Fake drugs found in over 40% of samples in first of its kind study April 21, 2015: Most fake drugs seized are those without active ingredients, followed by pills with incorrect quantities of active ingredients and those with wrong ingredients or fake packaging. Some have even shown high levels of impurities and contaminants. Read More
Some important drug related informations:- Omega-3s may improve meibomian gland dysfunction
According to a recent study conducted by the University of Maryland, omega-3 fatty acid supplementation may improve symptoms of meibomian gland dysfunction. Previously published studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids may attenuate symptoms of dry eye by increasing tear secretion.
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Global Injections
WHO warns global vaccination targets for 2015 is far off-track Geneva, Switzerland April 24, 2015: The United Nations World Health Organization warned that progress towards global vaccination targets for 2015 is far off-track with 1 in 5 children still missing out on routine life-saving immunisations that could avert 1.5 million deaths each year from preventable diseases. Read More
FDA Weighs Tighter Regulation of Homeopathic Medicines 22 April, 2015: Homeopathic treatments could receive greater scrutiny from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the near future, as their growing popularity has led some critics to call for tighter regulation. The FDA has wrapped up two days of public hearings on homeopathic treatments, Read More

Local governments in China crack down on fake drugsBeijing, 19 April 2015: The Chinese government has been stepping up its crackdown on fake medicine, which has been flooded the market due to the profits which can be as much as 10 to 25 times the payoff for drug trafficking, according to Guangzhou's Southern Metropolis Daily.Read More

Drug Dopes
Mobile App to guide ASHA workers on women and child healthcare in AP Hyderabad April 24, 2015: Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) in Andhra Pradesh will now get access to regular guidelines on women and child related healthcare issues as an advanced mobile application has been launched for the purpose in the state. Read More
Scientists develop a new platform to identify drugs for fighting viruses Apr 14, 2015 : A team of biologists from San Diego State University has developed a platform for identifying drugs that could prove to be effective against a variety of viral diseases. The team used dengue virus as an example and they identified a novel drug which may someday be used to combat the disease. Over the past several years, the researchers led by biologist Roland Wolkowicz have been developing cell-based platforms that can be used to monitor the bio molecular activity of viruses inside their host cells. Based on a platform previously created for HIV, Wolkowicz and his team built a new platform for dengue virus. Read More
FDA Approves New Formulation of Minocin (minocycline) for Injection PARSIPPANY, Apr. 20, 2015: The Medicines Company (NASDAQ:MDCO) has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a supplemental new drug application (sNDA) for a new formulation of Minocin (minocycline) for Injection. Read More
Corlanor approved by USFDA 20th April, 2015: The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) approved Corlanor (Ivabradine) to reduce hospitalization risk due to worsening heart failure. Corlanor is to be manufactured by Amgen. Corlanor was approved based on USFDA’s priority review program of the USFDA. Read More
Upcoming Events
UpComing Events
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Interchange 2014 Highlights: The WCO's Samantha Gompel Explained The Organization's Efforts To Secure And Protect Global Supply Chains.

Samantha Gompel, the Intellectual Property Rights Communications Manager at the World Customs Organization (WCO), described the WCO's efforts to help its 179 members secure and protect supply chains throughout global trade. The IPR team raises awareness about the dangers of counterfeit products and how to detect them through seminars, enforcement operations. It also provides customs officers with its IPM tool, a database that provides information to distinguish counterfeit products from their legitimate counterparts.

Read More

Washington DC Pharmacist, Florida Doctor Face Fake Online Pharmacy Charges

A pharmacist operating an online pharmacy in Washington DC has been indicted on fake online pharmacy charges, according to a press release from the FDA. In addition, a Florida-based doctor, has been charged with fulfilling prescriptions for said pharmacy for over 38,000 U.S. residents. Titilayo (Tomi) Akintomide Akinyoyenu, also known as Tommy Akin, was arrested at his home in Bethesda, Maryland, according to the FDA.
The FDA reports that Akin ran a fake online pharmacy, known as Apex Care Pharmacy. Akin allegedly took orders via the Internet, and then shipped prescription medication to customers all over the United States once his co-conspirator Alan Saltzman, signed off on the prescriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions Q1. What is meant by shelf life of medicine?
Answer: Shelf life is the length of time that a medicine may be stored without becoming unfit for use or consumption. A drug that has passed its shelf life might still be safe for consumption, but its quality is no longer guaranteed. Shelf life is variably influenced by storage conditions, such as exposure to heat, light and moisture. A drug's shelf life is usually shortened if it is not stored in its original container. The term "shelf life" of a drug slightly differs from a drug's "expiration date". The shelf life generally relates to a drug's quality over a specified period of time, whereas the expiration date relates to both quality and safety of a medication at a specific point in time.
Therefore, consumers should be aware that expiration dates are simply "rules of thumb," and that a product's safety may expire long before the expiration date if the product has not been properly stored. On the other hand, products stored under ideal conditions may be acceptable long after the expiration date has been reached.

Q2. What is meant by pharmaceutical excipient?
Answer: An excipient is a natural or synthetic substance formulated alongside the active ingredient of a medication generally included for the purpose of bulking-up formulations that contain potent active ingredients (thus often referred to as "bulking agents," "fillers," or "diluents"), or to confer a therapeutic enhancement on the active ingredient in the final dosage form, such as facilitating drug absorption or solubility. The word excipient is derived from the Latin excipere, meaning 'to except', which is simply explained as 'other than'. Excipients can also be useful in the manufacturing process, to aid in the handling of the active substance concerned such as by facilitating powder flow ability or non-stick properties, in addition to aiding in vitro stability such as prevention of denaturation over the expected shelf life. The selection of appropriate excipients also depends upon the route of administration and the dosage form, as well as the active ingredient .

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