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Is pricing relevant to medicinal safety? Yes, it is essential to guarantee minimum transparency requirements throughout the country, not only to avoid unfair practices and market barriers but also to ensure an effective access to affordable medicines for millions of patients.
In this edition of our newsletter , we touch upon the pricing issue as the NPPA ( National Pharma Pricing Authority ) decides to regulate the prices of various formulations and essential medicines that are exorbitantly priced in the Indian market . Highly priced essential medicines makes it unaffordable for the common man and thus he succumbs to buying cheaper medicines sold by frauds , in return harming his health gravely !
kindly check our article on pricing under Drug Laws and Policy Injections for a detailed list of the ceiling prices of various medicines .

If you have any suggesstions , comments or queries, please email me at pooja@safemedicinesindia.in .
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Pooja Khaitan
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Partnership for Safe Medicines India.

PSM INDIA at Seoul, Republic of Korea
Our founder Head , Mr, Bejon Misra was part of the APEC Life Science Innovation Forum (LSIF) Medical Product Safety Awareness and “ Single Point Contact System (SPOCS) “ Workshop , held at Seoul , Republic of Korea , from May 22-23 , 2013 . This workshop builds upon previous APEC workshops and seminars to promote safe medical products and to combat counterfeit / falsified medical products.
Mr. Bejon Misra was part of the panel discussion on Patient Organisation and Industry Activities related to drug safety public Awareness. The two day workshop concluded on a positive note and helped in building international cooperation to protect patients .

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National Injections
APDCA books cases against Sai Vijaya agencies for objectionable advertisements & violation of DPCO
HYDERABAD, June 2013: The Andhra Pradesh Drug Control Administration (APDCA) has booked two cases against Sai Vijaya Medical Agencies in Eluru of West Godavari district for objectionable advertisements and violation of drug price control order (DPCO).
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HC relaxes bail condition of fake doctor
MUMBAI, JUNE 2013: In a relief to alleged conman and fake doctor Munir Khan, the Bombay High Court has relaxed the bail condition prohibiting him from selling his self acclaimed miracle drug 'Body Revival' albeit permission from state government authorities.
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Illegal drugs home delivered…and our cops are clueless
MUMBAI, JUNE 2013: Some time last month, a khaki-clad Indian postal services officer delivered a regular 10x4 business envelope to 24-year-old Shikhar’s* door in a city not too far away from Mumbai.
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Drug Law and Policy Injections
Blood pressure drugs and antibiotics to be cheaper as government plans to notify price caps

NEW DELHI, JUNE 2013: Top-selling blood pressure drugs and antibiotics could become a lot cheaper as the government plans to notify price caps for 51 essential drugs early next week under a new drug price control order that was enforced last month.

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Punjab Govt. constitutes Punjab FDA by unifying food & drug departments

MUMBAI, JUNE 2013: In a major step towards bringing the food and drug departments under a common regulatory body on the lines of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the Punjab government recently constituted the Punjab food and drug administration (FDA) by bringing both the Punjab state drug controlling authority and food authority under one roof.

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Global Injections
Over half of Japanese women vaccinated with the HPV vaccine reported reactions

TOKYO, JUNE 2013: According to an article in The Asahi Simbun dated June 18, more than half of the 3.28 million women who have been vaccinated with a cervical cancer vaccine reported side effects. As a result, the government recommendation for cervical cancer vaccinations has been withdrawn and this decision was made by experts trying to determine the causes of the serious side effects.

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Prescribing drug combo taking toll on seniors

LONDON, JUNE 2013: Some Ontario doctors have ignored warnings about mixing two common drugs and now London researchers say they know the toll -- hundreds of seniors needlessly suffering kidney failure and some even death.

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Interaction between steroid injections and HIV protease inhibitors can disrupt cortisol levels

BOSTON, JUNE 2013: Corticosteroid injections can lead to dysfunctions in cortisol levels in people taking HIV protease inhibitors, according to research published in the online edition of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. Investigators in the United States found that 11% of their HIV-positive patients developed hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysfunction after treatment with local corticosteroid injections. All were taking antiretroviral therapy based on a protease inhibitor (PI).The authors believe that a drug interaction was the reason.

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Pharma Injections
Indian drug makers face heat of US regulator's crackdown

NEW DELHI, JUNE 2013: Frequent drug recalls, warning letters and import alerts from the US in the recent past have turned into a major concern for the Indian pharmaceutical industry and investors. While Ranbaxy Laboratories recently pleaded guilty before the US authorities for its wrongdoings in the past, the crackdown on the drug companies seems to have intensified.

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Pharma companies cut prices of top medicines

MUMBAI, JUNE 2013: Prices of widely-used medicines like antiseptic skin lotion Betadine, fever pill Calpol, supplement folvite, antibiotic Azithral, a host of cardiac medication including Ismo, Losar and Repace (Losartan) and anti-diabetic drug Daonil, will be revised downwards. The price reduction comes in the wake of a proposed revision by drug companies in line with ceiling prices notified by the drugs pricing regulator earlier this week.

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Global Injections
Suggestions in the drug laws....PHARMACISTs Speak !!
(Contribution by Deepak Barai )

The full list of Schedule H drugs should be made available on various websites so that it is easily available to pharmacists and the public.

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