The Prescription: 1st February 2017 Issue
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Pooja Khaitan


Welcome to yet another edition of our newsletter.

The ability of a microorganism or bacteria to withstand the effects of an antibiotic is termed as Antibiotic resistance. The first identified case of antibiotic resistance was found in Japan in 1996. In the current scenario, antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health. Hence, we urgently need to change the way we prescribe and use antibiotics. Read more about antibiotic resistance in this issue of PSM-India Capsules.

In Karnataka, private hospitals are turning away BPL patients who seek treatment under a government-run health insurance scheme while for the first time in India, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, has introduced cosmetic heart surgery for children and In the wake of increasing antibiotic resistance across the globe, the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is formulating a novel national action plan to curb antimicrobial resistance across the country while Indian scientists have designed high precision DNA probes for breast cancer detection. These and more such striking articles make for a good read in National and Pharma Injections.


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“Studies confirm that two fractional doses (one fractional dose is one-fifth of a full dose) of IPV, given twice to infants – first at the age of six weeks and then at 14 weeks – provide the same protection against all polio viruses as one full dose of IPV. By using fractional IPV, countries are saving vaccine and vaccine cost, without compromising on the protection that the vaccine provides to children against polio,”

Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh
Director, WHO South-East Asia Region

PSM India Capsules

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics are the medicines that prevent and treat bacterial infections. Antibiotics; when used properly can save lives. Using antibiotics frequently can lead to antibiotic resistance. In recent times, there has been a growing problem of antibiotic resistance in and around the world. Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria changes in response to the use of these antibiotic medicines and become able to resist the effects of an antibiotic.
According to WHO; Antibiotic / Antimicrobial resistance is the ability of microbes to resist the effects of drugs – which means, the germs are not killed, and their growth is not stopped. Although some people are at greater risk than others, no one can completely avoid the risk of antibiotic-resistant infections. Infections with resistant organisms are difficult to treat, requiring costly and sometimes toxic alternatives.

Read More
Drug Laws & Policy Injections
HC orders stringent action against medicine dispensation by unqualified persons KOCHI, JAN 2017: The Kerala high court has ordered stringent action against the common practice of dispensing medicines from medical shops by unqualified persons. Only a qualified pharmacist can dispense medicines and severe action should be taken against the medical shops that violate the law, the court said.Read More
Health ministry asks states to screen antibiotics sale New Delhi, Jan 2017: In reaction to the reports of death of a 70-year-old woman from US, who allegedly contracted New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase (NDM-1) strain infection - superbug from India - a drug control department has alerted the States to strictly keep a check on sale of antibiotics without prescription.Read More
Health ministry to begin drafting of Drugs and Cosmetics (Amendment) Bill after Union BudgetMumbai, January, 2017: The Union health ministry is all set to commence drafting of Drugs and Cosmetics (Amendment) Bill to amend the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 for upgradation and introduction of provision for newer areas of biological, stem cells and regenerative medicines, medical devices and clinical trials after the Budget. Read More
Bihar branch of IPA welcomes draft proposal by Union govt for amending D&C RulesChennai, January, 2017: The Bihar state branch of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) has welcomed the decision of the union health ministry to amend the D&C Rules, 1945 for making registered pharmacists as competent persons for getting wholesale licences for drugs sales. Read More
After more than 6 decades of Pharmacy Act roll out, most of the states yet to appoint pharmacy inspectorsMumbai, January, 2017: Even though more than six decades have passed since the Pharmacy Act was enacted to regulate pharmacy profession in the country, barring two states, rest of the country is yet to appoint pharmacy inspectors mandated by the Act to check and enforce Section 42 and Chapters III, IV and V of this Act or any Rules made thereunder. Read More
Doctor of Pharmacy Association welcomes government proposal to make only registered pharmacists eligible to get wholesale licenseHyderabad, January, 2017: The Doctor of Pharmacy Association, an association of pharmacists based in Hyderabad, has welcomed the Union health ministry's proposal to amend Drugs and Cosmetic Act 1945 to make only registered pharmacists eligible to get wholesale licenses in the country. It has now suggested the government to repeal the earlier provision of allowing non-qualified persons with no professional pharmacy qualification to get trade license for doing wholesale business. Read More
NPPA makes registration on IPDMS mandatory for coronary stent manufacturers, importers and marketersMumbai, January, 2017: Even as the government has brought coronary stents under the scheduled drugs category to control the skyrocketing prices of these life-saving medical devices, the national drug price regulator National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has asked all the manufacturers, importers and marketers of coronary stents to register themselves on the Integrated Pharmaceutical Database Management System (IPDMS), also referred to as Pharma Data Bank, for collection of data. Read More
Pharma Injections
National Action Plan for antimicrobial resistance in offingNew Delhi, Jan 2017: In the wake of increasing antibiotic resistance across the globe, the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is set to formulate a national action plan to curb antimicrobial resistance. NCDC would soon submit the plan to Ministry of Health and Family, for incorporating it into the national policy.Read More
Scientists design high precision DNA probes for breast cancer detectionNew Delhi, Jan 2017: Scientists from India have designed high precision DNA probes for breast cancer detection and they claim that this can bring down the treatment for cancer ten-folds.Read More
Unhealthy foods during pregnancy adversely impact baby: Expert NEW DELHI, JANUARY 2017: Maintaining a healthy diet regime is essential whether it is summers or winters, especially when it comes to pregnant women. They must follow the dos and don’ts, despite their cravings. Read More
Gujarat FDCA to tie up with leading French company to equip drug officers on microbial testing Mumbai, January, 2017: The Gujarat Food and Drug Administration (FDCA) is planning to collaborate with France based bioMérieux to train and equip FDCA officers on rapid microbial testing as a part of their strategic partnership for knowledge sharing discussed at the recently concluded Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit (VGGS) - 2017 at Gandhinagar. Read More
Rare surgery enables bed-ridden lungs-spine cancer patient walk again Noida, Jan 2017: Doctors at a city hospital have successfully conducted vertebroplasty surgery, a medical procedure where the bones are strengthened through biological cement injections, on a 60-year-old patient suffering from cancer in the lungs and spine, enabling him to walk again. Read More
Drug Dopes
Updated LIST OF NEW DRUGS APPROVED FROM 01-01-2016 TILL DATE BY NEW DRUGS DIVISION, CDSCO, FDA Bhawan, New Delhi List of New Drug Approved by FDA Read More
Karnataka DC registers case against e-pharmacy app for selling banned drugs BENGALURU, JAN 2017: The Drug Controller of Karnataka has registered a case against Myra Medicines, an e-pharmacy app for clandestine selling of Schedule H drug and other banned medicines in the state without a valid prescription. Read More
India beats polio vaccine crisis with new policy New Delhi, Jan 2017: Reeling under the success by eliminating wild polio virus from the country, India is in no mood to lose the gains. Amid a global shortage of injectable inactivated polio vaccine (IPV), India has become the first country globally to introduce fractional doses of IPV in its childhood immunisation programme to overcome shortage of vaccines. Read More
Pharmacies continue to sell banned drugs in remote and far-flung areas of Hyderabad Hyderabad, January, 2017: The pharmacies on the outskirts and some of the remote areas across Hyderabad and in some of the far away districts in Telangana still continue to sell the banned drugs. Earlier last year the central government had banned 344 medicines and had given time to the pharmacies and the manufacturers to recall all the banned medicines. However defying this ban some of the drug traders and manufacturers have dumped the banned drugs to pharmacies on the outskirts of Hyderabad such as Shamshabad, Shamirpet, Hayatnagar and Rajendranagar areas as these medical stores are far away from the drug control vigilance radar. Read More
Gujarat FDCA to crackdown on circulation of spurious drugs by firms operating under fictitious names Mumbai, January, 2017: As part of its ongoing crackdown on spurious drugs, the Gujarat Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA) is planning to investigate circulation of spurious drugs marketed under the names of fictitious companies. Read More
BSF seizes 29700 bottles of Bangladesh-bound contraband syrup in Tripura Tripura, Jan 2017: During the search on Sunday, the joint team found around 29700 bottles of Phensedyl and Eskul Cough Syrup having market value of about Rs 2.8 million under sacks of onion which was brought in the truck to conceal the contraband drug consignment. Read More
National Injections
Karnataka Hospitals turn away BPL patients as Govt. sits on dues Bangalore, Jan 2017: Private hospitals in Karnataka are turning away patients who seek treatment under a government-run health insurance scheme. The reason behind the refusal of treatment is said to be the delay in payment of outstanding dues of over Rs 110 crore from the State Health Department-run Suvarna Aroygya Suraksha Trust. Read More
Kerala hospital brings cosmetic heart surgery for children to India Kochi, Jan 2017: For the first time in India, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre in Kochi, Kerala, has introduced cosmetic heart surgery for children – a procedure that has gained popularity in Europe over the past decade. Read More
Air pollution caused 80k premature deaths in Mumbai, Delhi in 2015 January, 2017: Air pollution contributed to 80,665 premature deaths of adults over 30 in Mumbai and Delhi in 2015, a two-fold jump from 1995, according to a new study at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Read More
37 govt hospitals in Delhi without NABH accreditation New Delhi, Jan 2017: The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) accreditation should be the top most priority for any hospital. However, in Delhi it has been overlooked for a long time. Read More
Global Injections
Just as harmful as heroin and cocaine US websites selling dangerous and unapproved prescription drugs to Indian consumers as young as 12. More than 4,000 illegal websites established in the US are reportedly found to be involved in selling of potentially dangerous, unapproved prescription drugs to its consumers. Read More
New method may lead to faster diagnosis of HIV, syphilis Washington, January 2017: Scientists have developed a new method for medical testing, which may lead to faster diagnosis of HIV, Lyme disease, syphilis, rotavirus and other infectious conditions. Researchers combined cutting-edge nanoscience with a magnetic phenomenon Read More

Counterfeit contact lens seller gets jail time

The owner of an online contact lens retailer has been sentenced to almost four years in jail in the largest-ever case of its kind in the US. Las Vegas man Dmitriy Melnik had previously admitted selling counterfeit coloured contact lenses, sourced from China and South Korea, to unsuspecting customers without a prescription from his Candy Color Lenses store.Read More

Exercise may reduce side effects of breast cancer drugsNew York, Jan 2017: A combination of weight training and moderate aerobic exercise — such as brisk walking or jogging — may mitigate the side effects of drugs used to reduce breast cancer recurrence risk, a new study has found.Read More

Antidepressants during pregnancy may up birth defect riskToronto, Jan 2017: Taking antidepressants during pregnancy may increase the risk of your baby developing birth defects, a new study has found.Read More

Delirium could accelerate dementia-related mental declineLondon, Jan 2017: Delirium, a condition in which people become acutely confused and disorientated, may have long-lasting consequences, including accelerated dementia-related mental decline, a new study has warned.Read More

Now, blood test can predict survival for patients with EbolaWashington DC, Jan 2017: British scientists have identified a 'molecular barcode' in the blood of patients with Ebola virus that can predict whether they will survive or not..Read More


Cosmetic injectable treatments now used to treat dozens ailments so fakes poses a danger to more US patients

In 2016 alone, over 1,400 practitioners were warned by the FDA that their supplier was selling unapproved so-called “Botox.” With more than 2,400 professionals warned in the past 5 years, the expansion of use for this medication provides new markets for counterfeiters selling fake and misbranded drugs.

Read More

Frequently Asked Questions Q1. What is Influenza?
Influenza is a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system — your nose, throat and lungs. Influenza, commonly called the flu, is not the same as stomach "flu" viruses that cause diarrhea and vomiting.
For most people, influenza resolves on its own. But sometimes, influenza and its complications can be deadly. People at higher risk of developing flu complications include:Read More>>>


Five super foods that every pregnant woman should eat!

Article contributed by one of our Subscriber: Dr. Shreya, Gynecologist, Bangalore

Every pregnant woman should eat the healthiest and best foods as it is the main source of nutrition for their baby. Having a healthy and balanced diet keep expectant mothers healthy to face all the stress, strains of pregnancy, labor and further boosts their baby's growth. A pregnant woman will need about 300 additional calories in their diet every day from the second trimester. Read More

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