The Prescription: 1st August 2017 Issue
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Pooja Khaitan


Welcome to yet another edition of our newsletter.

The population of our country is booming at a fast pace. Currently, our country holds the second most populated country across the globe and it is anticipated that it will be the most populous country in the world surpassing China by 2022. This incredibly growing population leads to several socio-economic consequences.Contraception is one of the best methods which not only checks growing population but improves the overall livelihood of a society. Catch this issue of The Prescription to know the consequences of growing population and benefits of Contraception.


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Pooja Khaitan
Chief Editor , The PRESCRIPTION Partnership for Safe Medicines India.


“Antimicrobial drug resistance is a growing challenge to global health and sustainable development. We need to proactively address the rising levels of resistance to HIV drugs if we are to achieve the global target of ending AIDS by 2030.”

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
WHO Director-General

PSM India Capsules

WHY Contraception is so important!

At present, our country is the second most populous country in the world with nearly 1.34 billion of the world’s population and is anticipated to be the world’s most populated country by 2022, surpassing China, which currently holds the top position. With ongoing trend, it is estimated that the global population would cross 10 billion by the year 2050.
Every nook and cranny of India today represents the clear image of increasing population. There are many reasons which lead India to the second most populous nation in the world.

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Drug Laws & Policy Injections
Regulating e-Pharmacy BusinessNew Delhi, July 2017: A sub-committee had been constituted by the Drugs Consultative Committee (DCC) to examine issues relating to online sale of drugs. The Sub-Committee has submitted its report to the Drugs Consultative Committee. The Sub-Committee has inter alia recommendedRead More
Government to implement intensive ADR monitoring to report adverse events in specific drugs Mumbai, July, 2017: In order to generate and report India specific adverse drug reaction (ADR) data in an effective way to take regulatory decisions in a timely manner, the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) has come out with draft protocol and guidelines focused on targeted drugs and events as a part of Intensive adverse drug reaction monitoring exercise under PvPI so that appropriate action can be taken on specific drugs involving adverse events or reactions.Read More
DCGI directs Assam drug controller to enforce D&C Act on ARPA complaintChennai, July , 2017: Following submission of a memorandum to the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) by the Assam Registered Pharmacists Association (ARPA), the DCGI has asked the drugs controller of Assam to initiate steps for proper enforcement of drugs laws in the state. Read More
K Chandrashekhar Rao asks Telangana officials to curb food, drug adulteration, reign in drug peddlersHyderabad, July 2017: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Sunday asked officials to intensify the investigation into the incidents of the illicit drug trade and adulteration of food items, which were unearthed recently. The chief minister held a high-level review meeting at Pragati Bhavan here, where he directed the officials concerned to take stringent measures against those supplying drugs and indulging in adulteration. The meeting was held against the backdrop of busting of a high-end narcotics selling racket by the state Excise department. Read More
ICMR releases revised draft National Guidelines for Stem Cell Research, 2017Mumbai, July, 2017: The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in association with the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) has issued the revised draft National Guidelines for Stem Cell Research, 2017 which were prepared after incorporating recent advances in the stem cell sector. Read More
MtaI appeals to government to bring medical devices under 5% GST slabMumbai, July , 2017: Medical Technology Association of India (MtaI) has urged the government to reconsider varied tax rates on medical devices under GST and bring medical devices under 5% GST slab to reduce the cost of medical service to patients, and also attract investments to the sector. Read More
Pharma Injections
Antibiotic overuse in poultry making humans drug-resistantNew Delhi, July 2017: Researchers from the US based Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy (CDDEP) collected samples from 530 birds in 18 poultry farms in Punjab and tested them for resistance to a range of antibiotic medications critical to human medicine. They found high levels of antibiotic resistant pathogens in chickens being raised for eggs and meat in poultry farms in Punjab, posing serious health hazards for humans.Two-thirds of the farms reported using antibiotic factors for growth promotion, researchers said..Read More
Blood you receive at hospital may not always be risk-freeNEW DELHI, 17 JULY 2017: An RTI document has revealed that Delhi hospitals collected nearly one million units of blood through replacement donations in the last five years. This is the third highest across all states. At 20.15 lakh, Uttar Pradesh has the highest rate of blood collection through replacement donors, a practice discouraged by National Blood Bank Policy 2002, followed by Karnataka (9.88 lakh).Read More
Why good oral care is crucial during pregnancy New Delhi, July 2017: Maintaining good oral care is crucial and it's one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums. But unfortunately, most people tend to neglect their oral care, which is directly linked to our overall health. It's even more important for women to take good care of their teeth and gums while pregnant. Read More
H1N1 flu causing neuro problems among kids: Docs Mumbai, July 2017: A 10-month-old infant from Goregaon has lost his sense of recognition and is unable to identify familiar faces, including his parents', following a neurological complication caused by influenza H1N1. The extensive brain impairment in the baby has set warning bells ringing among clinicians that the infection can go beyond the respiratory system. Read More
Drug Dopes
Updated LIST OF NEW DRUGS APPROVED FROM 01-01-2016 TILL DATE BY NEW DRUGS DIVISION, CDSCO, FDA Bhawan, New Delhi List of New Drug Approved by FDA Read More
Gujarat FDCA suspends licenses of 336 manufacturing units, cancels two manufacturing licenses for non-compliance to D and C ActMumbai, July 2017: The Gujarat Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA) has suspended licenses of 336 manufacturing units, cancelled two manufacturing licenses and issued stop manufacturing notices in 19 cases for non-compliance to Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 during the last one year. These cases are related to non-compliance to good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and quality control systems. Read More
Karnataka drug department seizes 11 not-of-standard-quality drugs in its inspection drive Bengaluru, July, 2017: Karnataka drugs control department has seized 11 not of standard quality drugs in its inspection drive held a fortnight ago. The drug inspectors picked up the products at random from the pharmacy outlets and sent it for assessment to the department’s drug test labs in Bengaluru, Belagavi and Hubballi. Read More
Drug prices need streamlining for affordable health care Shillong, July 2017: In the National Health Policy (NHP) 2017 document the government has admitted that every year nearly 6.3 crore people go below poverty line because of out of pocket expenditure on health. About 70% of this expenditure is on drugs and other consumables alone. There has been talk of producing cheap bulk drugs, use of drugs under generic names and also there have been fixation of price of some medicines by the government and opening of fair price medical shops. But the issue still remains as before. The government also admits that the public spending on health is very low. Therefore it is important that the issue is addressed seriously and in right spirit. Read More
Stent price slash brings no relief THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, JULY 2017: The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority had slashed the prices of life saving coronary stents by more than 80 per cent about four months ago. But the price slash seems to have made no significant difference to the treatment of cardiac diseases. NPPA had fixed a ceiling price of Rs 7,250 per piece of bare metal stent and allowed a maximum retail price of Rs 29,600 for drug eluting stents. However, this price policy is yet to be implemented. Read More
National Injections
India among 10 nations accounting for more than 95% of new HIV infections: UN United Nations, July 2017: India, China and Pakistan are among the 10 countries that accounted for more than 95 per cent of all new HIV infections in the Asia and the Pacific region in 2016, according to a UN report. Read More
India short of emergency medical services as ambulance availability is 3: 1,000 people Bengaluru, July , 2017: India is facing a shortfall in emergency medical services (EMS) in urban and rural areas. The ratio of ambulance per person in India is currently 3:1000, said Manish Sacheti, CFO, Ziqitza Healthcare.Read More
Bihar plans vaccination program to cut down pneumonia deaths among toddlers Patna, July 2017: Bihar will soon launch a vaccination campaign to cut down casualty due to pneumonia, which claims almost 15 percent of the child population below 5 years of age in the country. Read More
Indian musician plays guitar as doctors perform brain surgery Bengaluru, July 2017: Musician Abhishek Prasad strummed his guitar throughout his neurosurgery to help doctors zero in on the part of his brain being operated on during the first such procedure in India. Read More
38-year-old brain dead man's organs save four lives New Delhi, July 2017: A 38-year-old man from Mumbai, who was declared brain dead by doctors has managed to save the life of four people after his family decide to donate his vital organs. Read More
7 succumb to H1N1 and lepto in first two weeks of July in Mumbai Mumbai, July 2017: With the monsoon gaining momentum, infectious diseases too have spiralled in the city. Seven people have succumbed to H1N1 influenza and leptospirosis in the first two weeks of July, while hundreds have been affected by suspected dengue and gastroenteritis. Cholera too has made a comeback.The H1N1 influenza, widely circulating since June, claimed five lives, including that of a four-year-old child from Mankhurd, in July. Worryingly, a delay in treatment with the antiviral oseltamivir contributed to four of the five deaths, BMC said on Monday. Read More
One-year-old girl diagnosed with rare neurological disorder called ‘Dancing eye syndrome' in Guntur New Delhi, 20 July 2017: A one-year-old girl named Navya has been diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called ‘Dancing eye syndrome’ by the doctors of Government General Hospital (GGH) in Guntur. Read More
Global Injections
World’s first child hand transplant a success WASHINGTON, JULY 19, 2017: The first child in the world to undergo a double hand transplant is now able to write, feed and dress himself, doctors have said, declaring the ground-breaking operation a success after 18 months. Read More
Scientists discover mechanism that may prevent death of cells London, July 2017: Scientists in the UK have discovered a new mechanism that could help slow down the progression of neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and neurological decline associated with ageing, according to a research published on Wednesday. Read More

People with healthy lifestyle live up to seven years longer

Berlin, July, 2017: People who do not smoke, consume alcohol moderately and maintain a healthy weight may live up to seven years longer than the general population, and spend most of these extra years in good health, a study has found.Read More

Dirty stethoscopes may spread superbug infectionsNew York, July, 2017: Using dirty stethoscopes to monitor patients may increase their risk of contracting infections by antibiotic-resistant superbugs, scientists including those of Indian-origin have warned.Read More


Washington Should Slam The Door On Imported Counterfeit Drugs

July 24, 2017: As former state attorneys general, we are keenly aware of how stretched local law enforcement budgets are and how law enforcement officials already struggle to contain the flood of illegal drugs flowing into the United States from other countries. That job could get a lot harder if we have to start tracking prescription drugs, too.

Read More

Woman Charged With Smuggling Counterfeit Drug Into The U.S.

July 2017: A 47-year-old Houston woman appeared in federal court in June 2017 to face charges for allegedly smuggling a counterfeit drug into the U.S. and trafficking it through her weight loss and nutrition store located in a west Houston strip mall. Carolina Aguilar Rodriguez, known to her customers as “Doctora,” is not a licensed pharmacist in the state of Texas and her business, Naturavida, is also not licensed to dispense prescription medication.

Read More

Frequently Asked Questions Q1. What is cirrhosis?
Cirrhosis (say "suh-ROH-sus") is a very serious condition in which scarring damages the liver. The liver is a large organ that is part of the digestive system. It does a wide range of complex jobs that are vital for life. For example, the liver:
· Makes many important substances, including bile to help digest food and clotting factors to help stop bleeding.
· Filters poisons from the blood.
· Breaks down (metabolizes) alcohol and many drugs.
· Controls the amounts of sugar, protein, and fat in the bloodstream.
· Stores important vitamin and minerals, including iron.


Benefits of Vitamin C Rich Food

Article contributed by one of our Subscriber: Dr. Sushmita Singh, Physician, Jamshedpur

We all are very much familiar that during monsoon season, infectious diseases become more prevalent because of the humid atmosphere. Humid atmosphere leads to several types of fungal infections of skin, legs, diarrhea, flu and so on. Roughly, there is a surge of around 15-20 percent of patients with such infections across the country. Read More

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