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Pooja Khaitan

Greetings to all our avid readers on another edition of our newsletter. We are overwhelmed by your responses and trying to live up to your expectations with more research and hard work!
Read the risks and concerns in purchasing of prescription drugs and other OTC medications from online sources which are nowadays rampant in India and across the globe. There is no specific law to deal with online pharmacies in India and its high-time to get all such pharmacies under the ambit of an amended law so that they may stop cheating poor consumers with fake medicines.
This monsoon, Leptospirosis has crippled normal life in Mumbai with shocking number of deaths. To know more on the disease follow the National Injections section of this issue. PSM India reaches out to all suffering from any bout of aches along with fever to immediately contact your doctor so as not to become a victim.

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Pooja Khaitan
Chief Editor , The PRESCRIPTION Partnership for Safe Medicines India.


“Medicines cannot be compared with any other common commodity. Three important basic factors—doctors, pharmacists and consumers-- are essential elements in medicine dispensing. Hence it is not like a grocery item or cloth which is bought directly online without consulting anyone”

Shri. J S Shinde
All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists

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Beware of the risk of purchasing medicine from online pharmacies!

Pharmacies that operate over the Internet and deliver orders to customers through shipping are generally known as online pharmacies. As the cost of prescription medicine continues to increase, consumers look for cost savings from online pharmacies to afford their medicines. Buying prescription medicine from fraudulent online pharmacies can be dangerous, or even deadly. Moreover there are other associated risks like potential lack of confidentiality, disclosure of personal and financial information,

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National Injections
Health ministry initiates sampling on spurious, NSQ drugs at 12 notified ports July-2015: Following completion of sampling of spurious and not-of-standard quality (NSQ) drugs as a part of a nationwide survey on spurious and NSQ drugs, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) in association with National Institute of Biologicals (NIB) has initiated collection of all formulations and APIs imported into the country through 12 notified ports. The survey is being done in collaboration with Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) and National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO). Read More
Recent Increase in Death Rate due to Leptospirosis Shocks Health Officials Mumbai, July, 2015: Mumbai is witnessing a drastic rise in deaths with 12 persons succumbing to leptospirosis or otherwise called field fever in the past one week. Read More
Government drugs found in shopsPatna, July 2015: A team of the State Drug Control Administration stumbled upon Bihar Medical Services and Infrastructure Corporation Limited (BMSICL) drugs during a raid on wholesale private medicine shops in Gaya yesterday. Read More
Test nails it: Drugs seized in raid found fakeLudhiana, July 2015: Medicines worth Rs 5 lakh, which were seized during a raid on a godown at Sant Towers, Pindi Street, on May 8, have been found to be fake in tests conducted by the State lab of the Drug Control Department, an official of the department said on Wednesday. Read More
Drug Laws & Policy Injections
Government places highest priority on strengthening the health sector; seeks partnership of the private sector to provide accessible & affordable healthcare June, 2015: “The government places the highest priority to strengthening the health sector in the country. There is the highest level of political commitment for this”, Shri J P Nadda, Minister for Health and Family Welfare stated this while delivering the keynote address at the Health and Immunisation Conference organised by the CII, at New Delhi on 30 June, 2015. Read More
India and USA Sign Agreements to Strengthen Cooperation in Health Sector New Delhi, June 2015: India and the United States of America (USA) signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) on Cooperation on Cancer Research, Prevention, Control and Management and Collaboration in Environmental and Occupational Health and Injury Prevention and Control, and a Letter of Intent (LoI) on Antimicrobial Resistance Research, here today. Read More
Telegana government to adopt postal delivery mode for supply of medicines to PHCs, CHCs Hyderabad, July, 2015: The Telangana Medical and Health department is planning to adopt the postal delivery system for distributing medicines from district headquarters to primary health centres and community health centres in the rural areas. Read More
40 AMCs identified for access to WHO database for effective drug monitoring Mumbai, July, 2015: Out of the 150 ADR Monitoring Centres (AMCs), 40 AMCs have been identified for registration with the Vigiflow software which is meant to report adverse drug reaction (ADR) data to World Health Organisation (WHO) database on a consistent basis, as a part of the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI), informed an official associated with the development. Read More
Pharma Injections
The functions of cholesterol in the body The functions of cholesterol in the bodyAlthough often portrayed as a dietary evil, cholesterol is essential to life. Enlisted the functions and use of Cholesterol
Hormone production
Cholesterol is used to produce steroid hormones required for normal development and functioning. These include the sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone in women and testosterone in men. These hormones trigger development of the physical traits characteristic of adult women and men; they also play a role in reproduction.
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Generic statin plus ARB may improve Ebola infection June 2015: Administration of generic statins and angiotensin receptor blockers can treat Ebola viral infections and other similar infections by bolstering the immune system, according to a research study published in mBio. Read More
Oral cholera vaccine shows promise, finds study New Delhi, JUNE 2015: Shanchol, an oral vaccine made by India’s Shantha Biotechnics Ltd, an arm of the French pharma firm Sanofi SA, has reduced cases of cholera by nearly 40% in a trial in Bangladeshi slums, according to a study published in The Lancet on Wednesday. Read More
Liraglutide can be the next anti-obesity drug July, 2015: According to a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Liraglutide could help the obese individuals to lose weight and possibly tackle the obesity epidemic in the U.S as well the global countries. Liraglutide is an injectable anti-diabetic drug that was approved last year for weight loss. Read More
Global Injections
French group launches fake meds awareness campaign July 2015 : A six-month public awareness campaign has been launched in France and its overseas territories to highlight the dangers of counterfeit medicines. Read More
WHO warns public about falsified diazepam July 2015: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported 700 adverse events among patients taking falsified diazepam that actually contains a powerful anti-psychotic drug. Read More

Statins linked to 20,000 side effects and 227 deathsJuly, 2015: Medical reports compiled on patients’ illnesses shows the cholesterol lowering drugs have been associated with a huge dossier of reported side-effects including irreversible muscle breakdown, muscle pain, blood disorders, diabetes, skin disorders, nervous system disorders and stomach problems over the last twenty years.Read More

Drug Dopes
Indigenous test to monitor cerebral palsy gets global recognition Mumbai, July, 2015: Doctors at Nutech Mediworld, the world’s only human embryonic stem cell therapy centre based in India, have demonstrated the effectiveness of a tool to track improvement in Cerebral Palsy (CP) patients after undergoing treatment. The tool, the first of its kind, tracks over 32 parameters to provide accurate assessment of the progress of the disease as compared to the existing method of screening. The result of this new study tool, called Nutech Functional Score (NFS), developed by Dr Geeta Shroff, has been published in the International Archives of Medicine (June, 2015), an open access international medical science and clinical practice journal. Read More
Indian-origin scientist finds key to early Alzheimer’s diagnosis June , 2015: Errors on memory and thinking tests may signal Alzheimer’s up to 18 years before the disease is diagnosed. “A general current concept is that in development of Alzheimer’s disease, certain physical and biologic changes precede memory and thinking impairment. If this is so, then these underlying processes may have a very long duration,” said the researcher. Read More
Scientists develop antibodies to battle Chikungunya virus Washington DC, July , 2015: Scientists are developing antibodies in order to defeat mosquito-borne chikungunya virus.
The development process in Vanderbilt University Medical Centre's James Crowe, MD, and his team works like this: With a few ounces of blood from a previously infected person, researchers find chikungunya antibody- secreting cells, and then those cells are processed to retrieve their DNA and antibody genes.
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Upcoming Events
UpComing Events
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Black Market, "Discount" HIV/AIDS Medications Threaten Patient's Health

June 29, 2015: Modern medicines mean that HIV/AIDS patients can live full lives if they have access to reliable, continuous treatment. That treatment, however, can be expensive. Patients seeking better prices on lifesaving medicines may be taken advantage of by criminals selling black market drugs at 'discount' prices. Since 2006, at least 86 individuals have been charged with the distribution of black market HIV/AIDS medications to American pharmacies, secondary wholesale distributors and patients. These cases, which you can read more about in PSM's Black Market HIV/AIDS Drugs in the News, 2006 – 2013, are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Canada experiences Rash of deaths due to Counterfeit Medication

Fake Oxycontin pills actually made with fentanyl responsible for more than 50 deaths in Alberta since the beginning of the year. OpSecSecurity is reporting that Canada is experiencing a dramatic increase in deaths due to the sale and ingestion of counterfeit versions of the painkiller oxycontin. According to OpSecSecurity, there have been three recent deaths in Saskatchewan due to the counterfeit pills.

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Frequently Asked Questions Q1. What is meant by Elixir?
Answer: An elixir is a hydro-alcoholic solution used for medicinal purposes serving as a vehicle for medicine. The alcohol is mainly used to solubilize the active ingredient/ excipients, retard the crystallization of sugar, preserve the finished product, provide a sharpness to the taste, aid in masking the unpleasant taste of the active ingredient (s) and also enhance the flavour. Elixirs can be medicated or non- medicated. Medicated elixirs are generally antihistaminic elixirs used against allergy, rhinitis, sedative and hypnotic elixirs to induce drowsiness, sleep, expectorant elixirs used to facilitate productive cough (cough with sputum), acetaminophen (paracetamol) elixirs used as analgesics. Elixirs should be stored in a tightly closed and light resistant container away from direct heat and sunlight.

Q2. What is meant by Suppository?
Answer: Suppositories are drug delivery system that are inserted into the rectum (rectal suppository), vagina (vaginal suppository) or urethra (urethral suppository) containing medicated, solid bodies of various sizes and shapes suitable for introduction into the cavities. The medicament is incorporated into a base which melts at body temperature, or can be glycerinated gelatin or PEG which slowly dissolves in the mucous secretions. They are used to deliver both systemically and locally acting medications. Suppositories mainly work by lubricating, hydrating, irritating, water retenting and expulsion. Suppositories may be manufactured by moulding or compressing powdered material into a suitable shape, or by encapsulating a semi-solid mass into soft gelatin. Packaging must be adequate to protect suppositories from light, excessive temperature, moisture, and damage due to handling and transportation. It is necessary to ensure that the suppositories can be released from the packaging material easily and without damage. Suppositories should maintain their shape throughout their shelf-life when stored at the temperature indicated on the label. Glycerine suppositories are one of the most widely used rectal laxatives for relieving mild to moderate constipation in babies, adults, and children. Glycerine suppositories provide gentle, timely and effective relief from constipation with minimal side effects. Therefore next time you buy a suppository, make sure that it is in correct shape and form. They can only provide relief and effective action if administered in proper condition, correct shape and with rightful measures.

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Dr. Deepshikha, MD Medicine blogs Cheers and good wishes PSM, you are doing a fabulous service to Indian patients!
Dr. P.K Santra , Professor conveys I enjoy reading “The Prescription” . I also share it with others. Thank you for the enthusiastic approach.
Ms. Neeti Siddiqui, Pharma Professional quotes Heartiest regards to PSM-India team for such graceful collection of articles for readers like us. Await always for upcoming issue to grab more information!
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