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PSM India 17th December Newsletter

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Pooja Khaitan


As the world progresses, people are getting more independent. Even in health related matters, more and more people are opting for self-medication and are buying medicines on the net without proper checks. Every year 7,00,000 people die from consuming fake TB and malaria drugs and not from the disease. Online shopping of medicines has provided a huge boost to the illicit trade of fake and spurious medicines. According to WHO estimates, over 50% of medicines purchased online today are spurious.
Safe Medicines India urges consumers to kindly stay away from Spam websites offering medicines online.
Doctors and Medical professionals should guide patients away from questionable online sources to reputable pharmacies.

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Call PSM India toll free helpline 1800 - 11- 4424, to bring cases of spurious medicines or any kind of adverse drug reaction to the notice of the authorities.
Please visit our website www.safemedicinesindia.in if you wish to learn about us .
To register a complaint kindly visit our consumer redressal website www.consumerconexion.org

Stay Safe; Stay Healthy !!

Pooja Khaitan
Chief Editor ,
Partnership for Safe Medicines India.

Dose of the day

Pervez Ahmed
"The consumer/patient must be made aware to ask for the bill/cashmemo in order to ensure safe medicines and hence impose control over the supply of spurious drugs."
Dr. Pervez Ahmed,
Vice Chairman ,
Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) India Initiative

National Injections
Medical shops found selling drugs sans proper documents
UJJAIN, December, 2013: Sleuths of food and drug administration have found that seven medical retailers in Ujjain are indulging in sale of intoxicant containing drugs without keeping proper records. Royal and Regal Medicals at Kanthal, Ujjain Chemist at Kamri Marg, HB Medical Stores and City Medical in Freeganj and Ashirwad Medical at Durga Plaza have been found violating rules, said drug inspector SN Garg adding that notices were being issued to them.
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Six arrested for making, peddling drugs
HYDERABAD, 2013: Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and Cyberabad police, in a joint operation, on Thursday raided an industrial unit and arrested six persons, who were alleged to have links with the underworld, as they were selling contraband methamphetamine drug at IDA, Jeedimetla. They also seized 11 kgs of the contraband worth Rs 2 crore from the culprits.

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Chemist, employee arrested with psychotropic drugs worth Rs. 3 lakh
LUDHIANA, 2013: The anti-narcotic and anti-illicit liquor smuggling wing arrested a chemist and his employee and recovered psychotropic drugs worth Rs. 3 lakh from them on Wednesday.
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FDA teams raid drug stores, detect unlicensed premises
CHANDIGARH, December, 2013: In a major crackdown in Gurgaon, a team of the Food and Drugs Administration department Haryana on Thursday swooped down on four chemist shops and one unlicensed premises in the South City 1 Arcade and Silokhra village.
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Drug Law and Policy Injections
Health ministry to create research unit to provide info on removal of hazardous & irrational drugs from market

MUMBAI, December, 2013: The Union health ministry will soon create a research unit which will provide the much needed research-based information to the ministry for the removal of hazardous and irrational drugs from the pharmaceutical market in the country.

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Pharma companies told to reveal quarterly drug data

NEW DELHI, December, 2013: The drug price regulator has asked pharmaceutical companies in the country to disclose quarterly data on the amount of essential drugs — both formulations and bulk drugs — they are producing. The move is aimed at ensuring that drugmakers do not stop or cut down on production of essential drugs, prices of which have been capped, or shift to combination drug versions that have been excluded from the price net.

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Global Injections
Obama signs Drug Quality and Security Act into law

Phil Taylor, 2013
President Obama has signed H.R. 3204 into law, setting the wheels in motion for the FDA to develop a national track-and-trace system to secure the pharmaceutical supply chain. The aim of the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) is to "minimize opportunities for contamination, adulteration, diversion, or counterfeiting," whilst also clarifying the FDA's authority to regulate compounding pharmacies, according to the White House.

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US FDA Warns on Skin Reactions With Clobazam

SILVER SPRING, Md., DECEMBER, 2013 : The anti-seizure drug clobazam (Onfi) carries a small risk of severe skin reactions that requires a new label warning, the FDA said. Twenty patients worldwide, including six in the U.S., have developed Stevens-Johnson syndrome or toxic epidermal necrolysis after taking clobazam, the agency said. One patient went blind as a result and all 20 had to be hospitalized. Five of the U.S. cases involved children.

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Pharma Injections
Baxter recalls one lot of nitroglycerin in 5% dextrose injection

Illinois, December, 2013: Baxter International Inc. has voluntary recalled one lot of nitroglycerin in five per cent dextrose injection due to particulate matter found in one vial. If infused, particulate matter could lead to potential venous and/or arterial thromboembolism (blockage of blood vessels.) Other adverse events associated with injection of particulate matter include inflammation due to foreign material, particularly in the lungs, and local irritation of blood vessels.

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HYDERABAD : Online sales of drugs like pain killers and steroids, apart from performance enhancing drugs, have seen a rapid increase. But with 10 per cent of these drugs being counterfeit, drug manufacturers are looking at hi-tech advanced labeling and marking methods, which will help people differentiate the real from the fake.

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Global Injections
Do you believe the promises pharmacy spam emails offer you? Don't trust a pharmacy that sends you spam.

Did you know that a quarter of all spam messages sent are offering medicines? Your chances are of getting genuine medication from a "pharmacy" you have never heard of that advertises using spam are very poor indeed. Spam emails are an inexpensive way for spurious drug criminals to target innocent consumers. Do not trust them.

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