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A week back my househelp visited her doctor and came back showing me her prescription and medicines. She wanted to know how to take her medicines as she had forgotten what the doctor had said. As I glanced through the prescription , I was left helpless due to the illegible writing . I could not read a word !! It is commonly known that most doctors do not have a good writing for reasons best known to them. I would like to appeal to all doctors to please stick to a neat and legible prescription wherein all details about the medicine and its dosage can be easily interpreted by the patient once they are out from the doctor’s chamber.
I would also like to urge the patients to pay attention to your medicine, particularly the instructions on how you should take it, the correct dosage, and warnings about interactions with other medications.
Pooja Khaitan
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"While taking your prescription, make sure that your doctor spells the name of the medicine in capital , bold letters to avoid any confusion.” --Mr. Bejon Misra (Founder, PSM India)
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National Injections
Don't sell for profit, HC tells private blood banks
AHMEDABAD, APRIL, 2013: Gujarat high court (HC) on Monday said that private blood bank cannot sell blood that is collected through donation for the purpose of profiteering. The HC opined that since people donate blood with good intention to help the needy, their objective should be borne in mind by the blood banks and they should not make it a business of profit.
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5 held with drugs worth Rs 15 crore
NEW DELHI, APRIL, 2013: The crime branch has busted a major gang that illegally stocked pseudoephedrine and then transported it to Myanmar. The police have so far recovered over 140 kg pseudoephedrine and another 50 kg of powder worth Rs 15 crore in the international market. Raw pseudoephedrine is processed to party drug ICE in southeast Asia before re-entering the country.
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Sub Standard Drugs Supplied To Govt. Hospitals Seized
SRINAGAR, Kashmir, April, 2013: In what could turn out to be a major scandal of deliberately risking the lives of the patients, Drug Control department of Kashmir on Thursday seized hauls of sub standard medical supply in various govt. hospitals which were being distributed among patients free of cost. Deputy Drug Controller Kashmir Nazir Ahmad while cautioning patients against the use of Himachal based company’s product Maximizen tablets told KNS that the drug was found sub standard and has been seized from various hospitals.
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Three senior officials named in spurious drugs case

PESHAWAR: The health department has completed its internal inquiry on purchase of substandard interferon injections and found three senior officials guilty of being involved in the scam. The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Health Department had bought around 1.6 million vials of interferon vaccine at the cost of Rs150.4 million and had them tested and approved from a laboratory in Lahore, instead of the National Biological Laboratory in Islamabad.

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Medicine Safety : Similar sounding brand names
Source: Dr. Chandra M Gulhati

Your doctor may have prescribed SIVOXOL for asthma that contains salbutamol, theophylline and ambroxol. But the chemist may instead give you SIVOZOL , an antibiotic that contains ofloxacin and tinitazole. Not only will it be ineffective , it may also harm you . For example , if the patient is expecting , then both the mom-to-be and the unborn baby may suffer irreparable damage since SIVOZOL is contraindicated during pregnancy.
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